Sharing three warblers captured back in January and February in Florida.  By now, they are all migrating north for breeding!


DSC_1813-1 22421

Black-and-white Warbler


DSC_4902-1 2521

Palm Warbler


DSC_3399-1 12321palm warbler

Palm Warbler


DSC_6570-1 21021

Yellow-rumped Warbler



29 thoughts on “Warblers

  1. Such pretty little birds – and so hard to capture. But you did a great job. I’m hoping we will get a few through our area of the Chesapeake sometime soon.

    • Thank you, Susan! Migratories heading further north are passing through now and our summer Maryland residents are arriving too, there have been sightings of Palms, Yellow-rumps, and Yellow-throats in past couple weeks on the Eastern Shore!

  2. A lovely little collection of Warblers Donna. We only have 2 native warblers down here, and our Aussie reed warbler makes up for them all with its clamorous sound in spring-summer.

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