Welcoming Sightings


Exciting news to share, we’ve purchased a little over two acres raw land and will be moving back to Maryland’s Eastern Shore and the Chesapeake Bay waters, near the small fishing town of Rock Hall.



Our boat pierΒ  πŸ™‚


As soon as we got back from Florida to do our feasibility study before settlement, we walked the overgrown property, and flushed out a herd of piebald deer (one is almost entirely white!) laying down in our deep thicket.Β  Wow!

Everything around was beautiful and quiet.Β  It was perfect for what we were looking for.

And, during that first day’s visit, the following three of my top favorite birds were there to greet us.Β  That was definitely the icing on the cake!Β  πŸ˜‰

The flash of red instantly caught my eye down by the pier as a male Cardinal landed to say hi.


DSC_5468-1 32621

Northern Cardinal (male)


A pair of Bald Eagles soared overhead.Β  I’ve already narrowed down the approximate location of their nest across the creek.


DSC_5573-1 32621

American Bald Eagle


And, of course, the bird that started it.Β  A pair of Osprey were busy re-establishing their nest at a distance across creek.

The Missus was fishing and came over to greet me on the pier.Β  πŸ™‚


DSC_6271-1 4621

Osprey (female)


DSC_6272-1 4621

Osprey (female)


DSC_6274-1 4621

Osprey (female)

I think she likes me!  😏


Now’s the fun and challenging part of designing our dream house, hopefully breaking ground Spring 2022.Β  Until then, we’ll continue to do some RV traveling this summer to see our beautiful country and wildlife that I’ll be sharing!


75 thoughts on “Welcoming Sightings

  1. Donna, what a wonderful welcome you received to your new home. I can see you out there every day, following the seaons with your camera. Congratulations!

    • Thank you, Susan! After looking for property for a couple of years, and nothing like that happening before, that welcome was spot on a delightful bonus. I was home in my prime again. πŸ™‚

    • We had been looking further south and this just popped up. It is closer to the grandkids, and I’m sure they will be wanting to visit to fish and boat. The 9 yo is definitely excited! πŸ™‚

    • Thank you, Ashley! In addition to our love of the Chesapeake Bay, we are midway for our kids and the grandkids which is awesome. Our 9yo grandson is super excited, he’s ready to fish now. πŸ™‚

  2. Congratulations and lots of succes with the project.
    The bird pictures are great ! Must be awesome to live in a place like that.
    I loved the boat pier too.

  3. Congratulations Donna, what a wonderful sanctuary for you and the wildlife to share! πŸ’š

  4. I’m so happy for you, Donna! Designing your own house sounds like a dream come true. And to know you will have so many birds sharing the land with you. Looking forward to all the pictures!

  5. Sounds like you will be staying in the trailer and have let go of the old home on the bay. It must feel like home to see the local birds in the area. Do you foresee sitting on the pier to watch the sunsets and track flights of the locals? I enjoy your photos as our weather forecast calls for snow flurries, but I am happy for any moisture we can get and the flowers are poking their heads up regardless. Blessings for your new home!

    • Thank you very much, Jane, it does feel like home! We still have a home west of Baltimore, and plan on traveling this year out west. I hate the sound of this, but it may not be until Fall 2022 before our house could be complete. But you can definitely count on me sitting on that pier and tracking the birds! Oh my, snow flurries up your way! Hopefully the flowers poking out, looking for Spring, are not damaged and deterred. πŸ™‚

  6. Sounds like fun… good to see you planning on having a sticks and bricks. I simply don’t get how some folks manage to live full-time in a tin box no matter how fancy they can be.

    • Thanks Gunta! We still have a home west of Baltimore, but it’s exciting to get back to the Chesapeake Bay and the eastern shore of Maryland. It’s like another world from the mid-Atlantic hustle-bustle. I guess on full-timers, to each his own! 😏

  7. Donna, I am happy for you and thrilled that your dream came true!!!
    These are such beautiful moments you captured. The Bold Eagle took my breath away, it’s majestic. And Osprey is amazing!

    • Thank you so much, Kaya! Having been away from this area for a few years, it’s like ‘coming back home’. There are large numbers of both Eagles and Osprey around this area, so I’m super-excited!

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