Green Heron in a Swamp


I’m still overflowing with bird photos from my past winter in Florida, so I hope you’re cool with them still popping up for a while.  And…, here we go again!  😉

This past February during one of my outings at Fakahatchee Strand’s Big Cypress Bend Boardwalk, I spotted this Green Heron hanging in the partial shade down by the swampy water.


DSC_5622-1 2521

Green Heron


Suddenly out of nowhere, a Great Blue Heron flushed out, alarming both of us!  It caused the Green Heron to fly/jump to another shaded water perch that was luckily still in my line of view.


DSC_5636-1 2521

Green Heron relanding after the Great Blue Heron’s departure


I really love the photo above and thought it also looked great with a tighter crop.  So you get both.


DSC_5636-2 2521

Green Heron


The Green Heron actually stayed put and calmed back down as previous.  I was tickled with this encounter, said a quick ‘thank you’, and left it be.  🙂  I’m sure s/he was happy with that too!


26 thoughts on “Green Heron in a Swamp

  1. A bird with flair 😂😂. Do love the Green Herons. They have been the topic of conversation with photographers in the Lowcountry the last week or so. We all realized about the same time they have vanished. 😳😳 None seen in a while now.

  2. Great captures, Donna, and you gave me a chuckle over you and the little guy getting startled! Sometimes you just don’t know what’s near you. Chiming in on Ted’s conversation, we normally do see them all summer, and they do breed here. In another oddball place birds pick, there is a park in Charleston that has a fountain and gazing pool with a small island that for years has been a Green Heron favorite along with some ducks. I don’t know if they are there this year or not—we need to check it out.

  3. A very nice reproduction of color and details in the shadow. I like the sunlit and messy environment around. A perfect image that says “this is my place on earth”.

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