Cloud Shapes


Do you ever see shapes or things in cloud formations?

Here are four clouds and what I ‘saw’.Β  😎


_DSC0394-1 62519

(Update – many see a horse/dragon/unicorn at the top of the cloud!)


DSC_8117-1 112119



DSC_8253-1 112219

“Hand X-ray”


Cloud bird-1 21621

“Bird in Flight”


Soooo…..did you see what I saw?Β  πŸ˜‰


45 thoughts on “Cloud Shapes

  1. Saw a horse as the top of your heart… Absolutely love your feather… the hand requires a lot of study to really appreciate it… but your bird is my fave! Such Soft, but Super stunners, as always!

  2. How interesting! My immediate reaction to the first one was that it was a horse silhouette facing to the right. Thanks for sharing.

    • Once a first commenter mentioned the horse, I immediately saw it when looking back. It probably works better as the ID, lol. I’ve got this thing about looking for hearts out in nature. 😊

  3. All except the first one. What I saw was a dragon/horse like creature facing to the right with a huge wide jawed open mouth. I did see your vision after you mentioned it. I really like the hand.

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