Blue-winged Teal Wing Stretch


After spending a little time preening, this male Blue-winged Teal did the wing flap/stretch.

It was as if he was thanking his audience….


DSC_3899-1 5421

“Thank you!”


DSC_3900-1 5421

“Aw, thank you!”


DSC_3901-1 5421

“Thank you so much!”


And then with a tucking of his wings…..


DSC_3904-1 5421


the Blue-winged Teal left the stage.


DSC_3905-1 5421


Such a pretty duck, even on a cloudy day!


30 thoughts on “Blue-winged Teal Wing Stretch

  1. I like this duck too! Two years ago Saw them in the South of Peru. Your pictures are lovely and funny at the same time. Good job, Donna. 🙂

  2. It took me awhile to figure out why this bird was called “blue winged”. Great job showing his flash of blue (green?) so beautifully. And an additional thanks to the duck as well! 🤗

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