American Robin Fledgling Learning To Fly


Our first night stopover was in Iowa.  We lucked out with an end campsite, so I had a great open view where I got to watch an American Robin fledgling run around and attempt flight practices under Mama’s supervision.


DSC_5808-1 52221

American Robin fledgling


DSC_5849-1 52221

American Robin fledgling’s pretty backside


DSC_5813-1 52221

“Flight Practice”


The fledgling could gain air but not much altitude before dropping back to the ground.

Mama Robin even gave a lesson by flying down to the fledgling, then flying back up to her tree branch.  Here’s the fledgling attempt to meet Mama on the branch she was sitting!


DSC_5832-1 52221

“Heading up, up, up, here I come, Mama!”


An awesome effort!  Unfortunately, the fledgling only made it to the tree trunk just underneath the branch but still tried to ‘land’.


DSC_5835-1 52221

“Trying to hang on to the tree truck landing.”


DSC_5836-1 52221

“Oops, not working!”


Quickly, the fledgling started to fall from the tree trunk.   It saved itself with this next comical shot.


DSC_5839-1 52221

“Exit, Stage Right!”


That was enough for the fledgling for a while.  Surely it’s now sitting next to Mama on the branch proud of itself!


DSC_5810-1 52221

“I do not smile for the camera”




65 thoughts on “American Robin Fledgling Learning To Fly

  1. So nice serie of Robin Fledgling. He/s certainly trying ❤️ We have blackbird nesting in our ched. I assume there is already babies on the nest as the parents are busy finding food for the babies 😊

  2. How cute! Don’t you love witnessing life’s little lessons in birdland? Thanks for sharing!

  3. Lovely captures Donna of the youngster. It is wonderful that the Lord has dappled them in their juvenile early fledgling state as a protection. It is also lovely to see that in a similar way to us humans the young have to be taught various skills, and encouraged how to use the equipment they have been endowed with in their bodies.

  4. Heartwarming — what a treat to be able to see the little fledgling learning to fly! I love how the dandelions give some size perspective. “Exit, Stage Right!” was priceless. 🙂 Practice will make perfect, sooner or later…

  5. They are great photographs dear Donna, you caught the details of these first experiences of the flight… Amazing. Thank you, Love, nia

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