The Early Bird Gets The Worm


A few minutes in the life of the devoted parent, an American Robin.


DSC_8906-1 7521

“Good morning, I’m here to shop for breakfast. Those kids are up and hungry again!”


DSC_8912-1 7521

“Ughhh… look good….come on out….”


DSC_8927-1 7521

“Down the hatch, gulp!”


DSC_8945-1 7521

“Now back to finding more.  Gotcha!”


DSC_8957-1 7521

“This isn’t near enough, I need to find more.”


DSC_8965-1 7521

“Any over here?”


DSC_8961-1 7521

“Now if….I can get….this one….”


DSC_8970-1 7521

“That should do it for this round.
Then I’ll be back to do this again and again, for most of my day.”


35 thoughts on “The Early Bird Gets The Worm

  1. The good old American Robin, great worm hunter! As you just proved, they have the knack for picking earthworms out of the soil, I heard one of them say, “It’s like eating spaghetti” Great photos, Donna. 🙂

  2. Fascinating! I watch our bluebirds and tree swallows gather insects and feed them to the babies, but it looks like robins actually swallow all those worms – and then regurgitate them??

    • Thanks, Susan! I’m actually thinking this robin ate the worm for itself. It flew off with the rest. Robins do eat worms then regurgitate for 1-4 day old babies, after that, the babies get live, wiggly worms. 🙂

  3. Fun captures, Donna. 🙂
    I’ve had an invasion of the dreaded Asian snake worms, ugh, and really hope the robins find them tasty. They are a serious pest (the worms, not the robins!) 😉

  4. Oh Donna, this was such a delightful series with the robin and the worms. The action and activity are classic, and beautifully recorded. The lazuli bunting header is handsome too. Cheers to you and American robins.

    • Thank you, Jet! Not sure those worms look so tasty to us, but the robins love them. 🙂 The Lazuli Bunting was a recent new lifer for me in a previous post, what a thrill it was see it.

    • Thank you, Barbara! Robins can actually hear and feel the ground vibrate with worms, it’s amazing! And I’m sure the little ones appreciated all those wiggly worms…..for a little while until those tummies want more! 🙂

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