A Gallery of Birds – Part II


Here’s my second gallery of birds, the smaller ones, taken in past couple weeks in our campground or within five miles in the local parks.Β  What a joy to see so many little ones!


DSC_8900-1 7521

A wet Black-capped Chickadee after a bath (campground)


DSC_9372-1 7921

House Wren (Riverfront Park)


DSC_8850-1 7521

Yellow Warbler (campground)


DSC_0674-1 71021

American Goldfinch – male (Montana Audubon Center)


DSC_8543-1 7221

American Goldfinch – female (campground)


DSC_0589-1 71021

Yellow-breasted Chat (Norm Schoenthal Island)


DSC_9962-1 7921

Western Wood-Pewee (Riverfront Park)


DSC_0461-1 71021

Song Sparrow (Norm Schoenthal Island)


DSC_0385-1 71021

Downy Woodpecker – male (Norm Schoenthal Island)


If you had to pick a favorite bird or composition within this gallery, which one would you pick?

A third post of a gallery of birds, repeating the bird varieties with different favorite shots, coming next!


47 thoughts on “A Gallery of Birds – Part II

  1. I pick the Downy Woodpecker! I am fond of these birds, I see them in my backyard often. I love all the birds but the DW amuses me when he hides behind a little twig and pretend that nobody can see him. πŸ™‚ Great bunch of birds, Donna. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you, HJ! I loved the encounter I had with this Downy. It flew from tree to bush to tree around me, almost like it was curious of me. S/he was filling my frame, best shot of a Downy for me to date! πŸ™‚

  2. So, it was tough, but I narrowed it down to three: The House Wren (loved the minimalist setting and pose), the American Goldfinch (because it looks like a kid wading in the water), and the Yellow-breasted Chat (because I don’t know that one, and also because I love the way birds often match their background. Lovely shades of gray all around. πŸ˜‰ -Julie

    • Thank you, Julie! I always have a hard time picking a favorite, I use the excuse I love all the birds….which is true! 😊 The cute story on the goldfinch, she was watching a juvenile robin taking a bath in that same puddle, waiting for her turn.

  3. I think my favorite is the Western Wood-Pewee, but they all look wonderful in their natural settings. Kudos to you for spotting and capturing them, not to mention IDing all of them.

  4. I love the Warbler’s color but, I lean towards Wrens. They aren’t the same color but, they are shaped like marshmallow peeps, too. We have Carolina Wrens all around the house. They tickle me.

    • Thank you, Jane! After seeing my first one of the Chat in the campground, I saw more of them at the audubon center, it was very exciting for a new bird for me. I hope you do see and hear one in person some day, they have quite the song! Looks like they do breed in lower Canada. Impressive little bird!

  5. My vote goes to the Chickadee… they are just beyond cute. We had a house wren, but haven’t seen it lately. We also seem to be missing other birds like the phoebes and flycatchers and Eric says that there are fewer herons and egrets down by the creek. Oh and the nuthatch (the one that ate from my palm) has gone missing. Eric’s theory is that many birds were lost in the horrendous wildfires we had… and are having… so sad.

    • Thanks, Gunta! That little wet chickadee was so cute and looked happy all refreshed. πŸ™‚ So sad to hear about your local birds…..πŸ˜” We just relocated to Kalispell and the skies are now filling more and more with haze and smoke. I think my birding days are over for a while, I’m guessing they’ll be leaving for clearer areas.

      • Oh my! Heading into Kalispell you’re approaching the thick of the smoke. I hope both you and the birds (and other critters) manage to avoid the worst of the smoke. We are extremely lucky (for the moment) that the winds are blowing the smoke from the worst of the fires away from us.

        Do stay safe!!! πŸ™

        • Yes, the smoke blew in 3 days after we arrived. 😦 I cannot even see the silhouette of Mission Mountains from our campground like I could. We are here for several weeks so I’m hoping some winds come the right direction for a spell to give us a chance to go into Glacier NP, the webcams show it’s heavy with smoke now too. We will stay safe, I’m keeping an eye on the fire incident website for all fire locations around us. You stay safe too, Gunta!

          • It seems that the fires get worse from one summer to the next. I’ve come to dread these summer months. So far, we’ve been lucky with one of the mega-fires coming close, but having the sea breezes and fog roll in saved us before the fire reached us. I’m so sorry that this is undoubtedly spoiling your looooong awaited trip to visit the West. I am so terribly sorry about that. 😟 And it just keeps getting worse!

          • We skirted around mid-west wildfires the summer of 2014 with not much problem, but I think this is going to be worse and may force us to move on. Although I want to, I’m trying to not fret about it. I will just have to come back another year and make it sooner than later in the summer to ‘beat’ the wildfires.

  6. Your photo of the house wren is very special Donna, the attitude of the bird and the bokeh background. I found your photo of the Yellow-breasted Chat very interesting – what a gorgeous splat of buttery-yellow colour!

    • Thank you, Liz! I got so many photos of that little wren, I was surprised it hung around that long for me. You’ll see him/her again in the next post of ‘singing birds’. You’ll love its mouth wide open in song!

    • Thank you! Just hearing Yellow Warblers makes you smile. πŸ™‚ Seeing them thrills the heart! I thoroughly enjoyed seeing so many in our camping area, never had that experience before. And that Chat being a new lifer this month for me, I enjoyed seeing several of them too so easily. The birds around this area really spoiled me. πŸ˜‰

  7. I’m partial to chickadees so that would be my pick! I’ve never seen a Yellow-breasted Chat — so adorable! (Apparently not found in Connecticut. Maybe I’ll go looking for one in North Carolina…)

    • Thanks, Barbara! Chickadees are so darn cute, and I do adore their call, I usually join in! hehe Yes, you will have to go further south for the Chat. We have them in Maryland, but I had to go to Montana to see my first ones! 😏

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