A Gallery of Birds – Part III


I have been seeing a wonderful variety of birds in the last several weeks!Β  Here’s a mix of some of the same species shared in Parts I & II, with different compositions and/or days.


DSC_0190-1 7921

Yellow Warbler – male (Norm Schoenthal Island)


DSC_0268-1 71021

House Wren (Norm Schoenthal Island)


DSC_0738-1 71021

Canada Geese (Montana Audubon Center)


DSC_8527-1 7221

Black-capped Chickadee (campground)


DSC_9780-1 7921

Northern Flicker Red Shafted – female (Riverfront Park)


DSC_0164-1 7921

Song Sparrow (Norm Schoenthal Island)


DSC_0414-1 71021

Black-headed Grosbeak – female (Norm Schoenthal Island)


DSC_9560-1 7921

Canada Goose (Riverfront Park)


DSC_9550-1 7921

American White Pelicans (Riverfront Park)


DSC_0303-1 71021

Cedar Waxwing juvenile begging for food from the parent (Norm Schoenthal Island)


DSC_0427-1 71021

Downy Woodpecker (Norm Schoenthal Island)


DSC_8810-1 7521

Yellow Warbler (campground)


Any bird composition or species here strike your fancy? 🧐

Thank you very much for sharing your favorite picks in my three part series, I enjoy hearing what you think!


36 thoughts on “A Gallery of Birds – Part III

    • Thanks, Hans! Lucky for me, that sparrow stayed there perched and sang (singing shot in next post), and I know it knew I was there. So I really had a great opportunity to be able to focus deep into the bush. I never, ever usually get that chance! πŸ™‚

  1. I like them all but my favorites are the last photo of the yellow warbler, the pair of cedar waxwings and the northern flicker. I don’t have the exotic setting that you do, but I have spent part of the last several days hiding in the shadows of my patio and using my long lens to capture great crested flycatchers, mockingbirds, bluebirds, red winged blackbirds and brown thrashers perching in our shoreline trees, and in the distance egrets, green and great blue herons and ospreys. It’s such fun to capture them in natural settings, but my birds aren’t nearly as exotic as yours, so I enjoy your wonderful variety.

    • Thank you, Susan! You have a wonderful backyard, full of variety! I would never want to leave it, in case I miss a wonderful bird op. πŸ™‚ I like hearing you’re seeing Great Crested Flycatchers in your area, awesome!

    • Thank you, Eliza! I took a lot of photos of the waxwing fledgling begging again right after being fed, you’d have thought it was starving, lol. Re the Yellow Warblers, I’ll never forget seeing so many in one area, they were a daily joy!

  2. That Canada Goose stomping along is hilarious!!! What a catch.
    Something about that Downy Woodpecker makes think it could be a youngster. It has that ‘begging’ look to it. 😏

    • Geese are such funny fickles, lol. I thought the Downy was a youngster, too. He was really curious of me and didn’t fly off like an adult does so well. πŸ™‚ I loved it!!

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