Five On The Wing – #13


Continuing my series, here are five birds in flight, captured in the past few weeks in Montana.


DSC_9451-1 7921

Mallard (female)


DSC_0227-1 71021

American Robin (juvenile) carrying his snack of bugs in his beak


DSC_0655-1 71021

American White Pelican


DSC_9672-1 7921

Northern Flicker – Red Shafted (female)


DSC_8995-1 7621

Red-tailed Hawk


“If birds can glide for long periods of time, then why can’t I?” – Orville Wright


44 thoughts on “Five On The Wing – #13

  1. Wonderful photos. Every time I see a young bird fledge I feel the sentiment of Orville Wright. If birds can fly why can’t I?

    • Thank you! Many times they’re in a hurry for whatever reason, but when they are soaring, I believe they do feel extreme happiness. I know I would too! Oh, to soar like an Eagle…..

  2. Great photos! Lately I am really loving bird photos with colorful backgrounds. Therefore my favorite is the top photo. The colors, and the reflection… I just love it!

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