Mountain Goats


To be ‘on top of the world’ at 10,947 feet and see/photograph two wildlife species was quite the thrill!  I first saw these mountain goats before I caught sight of the Black Rosy-Finch and redirected my focus (previous post), but I was back on the goats when my birdie flew away.


DSC_9136-2 7621

Mountain goat shedding its winter coat


I didn’t know at the time taking the above photo that there were eight more goats walking below it.  They were walking pretty fast going down the terrain, so when I was back on them, the herd was already at a distance.


DSC_9198-1 7621

Mountain Goats


Mountain goats are possibly the most extraordinary mountaineers to ever live.  These alpine athletes bound the steep, rugged terrain of our highest mountains with amazing ease.


DSC_9214-1 7621

Tackling the unforgiving terrain so easily


DSC_9217-1 7621

Herd of nine mountain goats


DSC_9236-1 7621


DSC_9756-1 7621

The herd almost to the basin and flatter terrain (can you spot them?)


DSC_9134-3 7621

Hello and welcome to my world!


52 thoughts on “Mountain Goats

  1. Mountain goats are the most amazing creatures. I have never seen one with its coat so disheveled!

    • Someone needed a brush! hehe Watching them move along so easily was truly amazing. We had to watch every little step we took so not to trip (or walk on wildflowers!). Thanks Eliza!

    • Thank you, Ellen! It was a RPRT fleeting moment, so thrilled I didn’t miss the one walking on the glacier right in front of us and above the others. I sensed it was the female ‘head’ of the herd, on lookout, it always seemed to stay above the rest of the herd, stopping and looking around (at me and others lol). We didn’t see any males, I read once the kids are born, the males split and form their own herds til next breeding season.

      • You are welcome! There is no doubt timing plays such a part of many of our experiences. So interesting to observe that lookout behavior, part of how they survive, I’m sure.

  2. It’s lovely to see so many animals in their on habitat, free to go wherever they want. Great captures, my friend. Take care. 🙂

  3. I like the mountain goat shedding its winter coat. I bet he starts growing next year’s winter coat as soon as this one is fully off. 🙂 It’s amazing seeing the little kids managing the steep rocky terrain with ease. Great pictures, Donna, especially the last one!

    • I thought the same, geez in just a couple months, the fur needs to regrow! Oh the kids were adorable. They would even run a few steps to keep up, and not even stumble. I saved the ‘big grin’ for my last photo. 😁

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