Black Rosy-Finch


I mentioned in my previous post that I captured two wildlife species at the highest viewpoint along the Beartooth Highway at the elevation of 10,947 feet.

I first saw mountain goats (next post!); but when I saw this alpine bird, my excitement quadrupled.

Welcome to my lifer list, #240 Black Rosy-Finch!


Black Rosy-Finch with a mouthful


Residing and breeding above treeline, high in the mountains of the western U.S., the Black Rosy-Finch is oblivious to cold and snow.

This medium-sized finch nests in cliffs and crevices in alpine areas where few people go, foraging at the edges of melting snow for insects and seeds.Β  It will descend to slightly lower elevations in the winter when heavy snow covers their foraging areas.


Black Rosy-Finch


Several people were descending towards me to see the mountain goats better and my little finch took off.Β  I was surely disappointed, but I’ll not forget this brief, amazing encounter!


48 thoughts on “Black Rosy-Finch

  1. A wonderful lifer Donna, it is disappointing when people come close when you have something very rare to capture, and it flies on their approach. I usually get the stupid question “What ya lookin at ?”

  2. Fantastic find! This vacation trip is very valuable as a birder photographer. Thanks for the excitement, Donna. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you very much, HJ! I can remember hoping that I would be able to capture some new lifers during this summer trip, but I had no idea I would be so lucky. It has truly added to the enjoyment and excitement of seeing so much of what nature offers! 😊 I think it’s going to slow down drastically for the next several weeks with the smoke and our shorter outings. But that is okay, I couldn’t be happier with the new birds I found! And this bird is my final lifer at the moment. And I couldn’t wait to share it! πŸ˜‰

  3. OMG!!! Never did I think one would be this bird!!! I knew the Mountain Goat…I’ve been several times so had an inkling you’d see those, but never, ever this bird!!! OMGGGG! I’m so excited for you. I wouldn’t have seen this one outside of a book if you didn’t go!! WELL DONE! WELL DONE, INDEED!!! πŸ₯°

    • Woohoo, I truly did have a thrilling moment when I saw this finch on the snow. I could have cared less about the goats at that point! 🀣 Thank you very much, Deborah, I couldn’t wait to share this one but was holding it to share with my Beartooth Hwy posts since I saw it there. Once he flew, which I missed, I went back to the goats who were further away, but that was okay, I’d photographed them before elsewhere. And now I’m caught up with my new lifers, going to have to look hard through the smoke for the next one. πŸ˜•

    • Thank you, Ellen! Bird and goats, which was more important?? I hate when that happens!! LOL I’m sure you and Ted know what I’m talking about. 😁 Of course, this instance, a new lifer trumped!

      • Oh, that’s a hard choice for sure! I try to go with something that is new to me, hoping not to waffle so much I get nothing. And yes, that has happened 😜.

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