Gray Catbird

I’ve just discovered a new-to-me wildlife drive that winds through a 3,300-acre private farm called Chesapeake Farms in the Rock Hall area.  Since 1997 through the Conservation Fund and American Farmland Trust, this farm has been devoted to the development, evaluation, and demonstration of advanced agricultural practices and wildlife management techniques.

It is only four miles from our home and opened daily from April 10 to October 10, dawn to dusk.  You are not allowed to get out of your car for any photos or hiking.  The wildlife and property is to be respected.

Few days ago when my birding itch had begun and an e-bird daily email mentioned this place by a birder, I first went a late afternoon to check it out, see if it was for me.

Oh my gosh, I just had to return the next morning!  I will be sharing lots of photos from this wildlife habitat farm with its fields, ponds, and marshes.

My first photos taken were soon after I had stopped to take one of their ‘driving tour’ maps made available in a weather-proof box.

As I was looking at the map, a Gray Catbird flew out of its hiding to a branch in the thicket outside my car window to greet me.  How delightful!


Gray Catbird


Gray Catbird


And then I was asked to move on….


Gray Catbird stare-down


I took the hint and continued slowly on down the wildlife drive for many more surprises!  😉


39 thoughts on “Gray Catbird

  1. You need a car with a sunroof in that place. Your photos are flawless! Nice work, Donna. 🙂

    • We are feeling really blessed about moving to this area and can’t wait to get our new house started in the spring! Crazy enough, when we got home a month ago, we bought and have already moved into another house four miles from our building lot to monitor the new house’s building progress with daily ease. We wanted to rent something but couldn’t find anything close, rentals are almost non-existent these days. I’m still digging through moving boxes, but that birding ‘itch’ to explore just couldn’t wait any longer! 🙂

  2. Wonderful pictures – and this sounds like a wonderful drive. I’ve sent you an email with questions about the farm. Thanks for sharing the photos and the information.

  3. Haha love that last pic! Sounds like a perfect place to see all kinds of wonderful things. Looking forward to seeing more of your photos of what you find there.

  4. Wonderful photos! I usually see and hear these birds at our old place. Now that we moved to a different part of the city, I haven’t seen these guys. Surely miss them. Your last photo made me laugh. I love your humour. I’m happy that you’re close to birding areas. It’s a blessing.

    • Thank you, Simon! I’ve not had the joy of having them living on or near my property, I would love to have them nearby. I get a kick out of their ‘meowing’. So glad to make you laugh, knowing that made me smile! Life is too short to be serious all the time. I love to pass on a little joy or giggle to others, in turn it makes me feel happy. 😊

  5. These are wonderful shots of this beautiful Catbird, Donna! I discovered them in Florida and saw them more often a few years ago. Not sure whether they’ve reduced in numbers, or I’m not looking in the right places lately. ☺️

    • Thank you, Carol! This one was a sweetheart! My first Catbird was seen in Florida as well, and I saw a lot of them last winter during our Jan-March stay around the Everglades. I have heard reports, just as you say, that there seems to be less of them this past summer in Florida. I wonder what’s going on…. 🤔

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  7. How fabulous to find such delightful place, but… how will I ever keep up with all the posts you’re likely to be publishing? 😏
    Seriously… I’m so very happy for you! 💕

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