Found across all of North America and probably the most recognized of all ducks is the Mallard.


Mallard Ducks, Chesapeake Farms


It is always fun to capture a pretty series of a Mallard doing a wing stretch!


Male Mallard wing-stretch #1


Male Mallard wing-stretch #2


Male Mallard wing-stretch #3 with a handsome smile!
(these taken in Delaware at the pond with the Whistling Ducks)


Did you know that when you hear all that quacking amongst Mallards, it is only the female Mallard?Β  Males don’t quack; they make a quieter, rasping sound.

Now you know who is giving the orders, and who is talking under their breath.Β  πŸ˜‚


43 thoughts on “Mallards

  1. Lovely photos! I like the first one. It has great composition. The ducks in a row and log they’re on create a great line that leads the eye right across the photo. Love your cool fact. And so funny! πŸ™‚

    • Thank you, Simon! Oh boy, that was a stretch from my car window to get the log full of ducks’ shot. Very pleased with my result. I know I could have cropped it for more of a panorama but I had to keep those background color reflections in. 😊

  2. It is interesting how all the ducks have the females only quacking to communicate with their young and male hiss and make alarm noises to drive away impending threats from the family. Lovely photos Donna, we are seeing more Mallards being placed in our parks of late.

  3. Oh boy, the bit about who makes the noise amongst the Mallards could start a controversy. My fave is the first, with the gang hanging out with the group on the log or earth sticking up above the water..

    • It could! hehe Thank you, Jane! I saw the ducks on the log at a distance, and could see I was going to pass them closer further along the drive. When I got lined up nicely, I saw the colors reflecting behind them. It was a perfect setup! 😊

  4. Lovely shots, Donna! I still call them “MalLARDS” with the accent on the second syllable after hearing the guide call them out n Ireland years ago.

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