Autumn Milkweed


When out the past couple weeks, I included photographing opening milkweed pods; then had fun playing with the shots to see what artistic compositions they might create, if any, when cropping out the clutter around them.

Here are my favorites.ย  You might spot some visitors to the pods!


DSC_6985-1 102821


DSC_8633-1 110621


DSC_8913-1 110921


DSC_8915-1 110921


DSC_8917-1 110921


DSC_8922-1 110921


DSC_8928-1 11921


DSC_8940-1 11921


44 thoughts on “Autumn Milkweed

  1. What lovely photos Donna! I remember in a past photo competition at KIFA one of photographers submitted a milkweed photo on a black background that was gorgeous. I always intended to ‘try that at home’ but never got around to it. Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures!

  2. Lovely, Donna! I have been tempted by these seed pods several times. But my front yard is also overrun with common milkweed, which invariably has milkweed beetles on it. I think I spotted a few in your photos. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thank you, Barbara, I was mesmerized by a couple shots I first took and was on a mission the next few times I went out to find more before I picked which to share. There were several different types of bugs on these, I was too lazy to look them up lol.

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