Cattle Egret


Riding along a local back road, I passed a farm with fenced-in cows grazing close to the road and noticed a Cattle Egret with them.  Our local Cattle Egrets have long gone in their migration, so this egret is most likely passing through our area, heading to our southernmost states or Central America for the winter.


DSC_7812-1 110121

Cattle Egret


Here’s one of my silly shots for fun.  😁


DSC_7802-1 110121

Cattle Egret


We know cows don’t eat Cattle Egret, but this one looked tempted!  😉


39 thoughts on “Cattle Egret

  1. Funny! He may have looked tempted, but I don’t think the cattle egret looked scared. Ha! We have a farm with cattle across Rt 8 from us, next to Kentmorr Restaurant, and the cattle egrets hang around with the cows. I got some fun photos a couple of years ago, when it was a hot September day, and it was pretty obvious the cattle welcomed the egrets going after the hordes of flies on their backs. A nice symbiotic relationship.

    • Thanks you Susan! lol it cracked me up when I downloaded it. It is nice to observe their great relationship, I have photographed them on the cows back too, the cows are not at all fazed, and like you said, glad! 🙂

  2. Our Cattle Egret will be starting to change colour as it is Spring here and they will be nesting with the other birds. It is lovely to see their synergistic relationship with the cattle.

  3. Great last shot – always liked cattle egrets – smaller than their other family members, but they have a lot of spunk and laaaaarge friends ha.

  4. Looked to me like the cow was giving the egret directions for his migration. Sounds like that one might have been blown off his path a bit. 😉 😂

    • 😂 You just might be right!! hehe It is odd, there are another four Cattle Egrets showing up a few miles from that farm. Everyone seems so excited about them still being here. 🙂

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