Bald Eagles – Love Is In The Air


Our resident Bald Eagles remain together year-round, and it gets exciting to watch when they start spicing up their bond in flight during the fall season.


DSC_7586-1 103121

Bald Eagles


DSC_7588-1 103121

Bald Eagles


This next pair was full of fun, chasing and teasing.  I love their expressions!


DSC_9094- 111121

Bald Eagles playing together


DSC_9103-1 111121

Bald Eagles


DSC_9105-1 111121

Bald Eagle ‘chase’


DSC_9107-1 111121

“Hey there, Sweetie!”


DSC_9096-1 111121

Bald Eagle “love”


I’m on a mission for the next couple months of capturing them during their flight mating ritual where they locks talons and cartwheel down to the earth.  To see this is in person is truly a thrill!


51 thoughts on “Bald Eagles – Love Is In The Air

  1. Continuing to pray for your dad Donna, that he will recover well and the cancer abate and know peace and hope at this time and minimal effects from the treatment.

    • Thank you so kindly, Ashley. The sepsis has subsided and he’s been fever free for couple days now. The doctors still do not know where the infection started, causing the sepsis. If all goes well with the stomach feeding tube they just inserted, they’ll be moving him to a rehab facility next week.

  2. Fantastic series, Donna! I’ve only seen a pair do the mating dance in the air once where they locked talons. I was so mesmerized and awed that I didn’t photograph it at. all! A friend I was with nudged me to start shooting but, by then it was too late. šŸ¤£ I’m looking forward to your images. I know you’ll get it!!

    • Thank you, Deborah! What a spectacular sight it is, I’ve seen it many times and like you said, there’s really no time to photograph it unless you’re literally already tracking them with your lens. I was hoping the pair in the second series here did it because I was tracking them good, but they moved on….and probably did the mile high club over the other side of the trees. šŸ¤£

  3. Hi Donna, I saw your comment on Wayne’s (Tofino Photography) and had to come check it out. Wowzers! Amazing eagle shots! I live near Spokane, WA, and a neighbor has an eagles nest in her backyard that overlooks the lake, She shares spectacular photos on her facebook page! I never get tired of seeing the eagles!

    • Thank you kindly, Terri and welcome to my blog! How awesome to have a neighbor with a backyard Eagle nest!! Presently, it is so easy to ride around our remote water and farmland region and see an Eagle in the sky. I could never tire of seeing them either, I still get excited when I see one, like it’s the first time. šŸ™‚

  4. OMG, you are so lucky! I have spent so many bird watching mornings looking for them, but I haven’t had the pleasure of spotting even one, let alone a pair. I am perhaps not looking in the right spots. Looking forward to more gorgeous pics of these gorgeous birds.

    • Thank you, I am lucky and blessed! Right now we have lots of Eagle activity, especially with the migrants that have come to spend their winter here. And honestly, I still get excited when I see one. Keep watching for them, I hope one day soon you will!

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