1-2-3 Medium Bird Jubilee – #2


Continuing with my new series of three photos of three handsomely beautiful medium-sized birds posing so nicely for me!


DSC_6549-4 102221

American Kestrel
Length:  8.7-12.2 inches (22-31 cm)
Weight:  2.8-5.8 oz (80-165 g)
Wingspan:  20.1-24.0 inches (51-61 cm)


DSC_0502-1 121621

Cedar Waxwing
Length:  5.5-6.7 inches (14-17 cm)
Weight:  1.1 oz (32 g)
Wingspan:  8.7-11.8 inches (22-30 cm)


DSC_8567-1 102821

Blue Jay
Length:  9.8 inches (25-30 cm)
Weight:  2.5-3.5 oz (70-100 g)
Wingspan:  13.4-16.9 inches 34-43 cm)


38 thoughts on “1-2-3 Medium Bird Jubilee – #2

    • Thank you, Hien! I have a fondness for this Kestrel and its mate, they hang along a certain stretch of back road to our property, mostly sitting on the communication lines. 😊

  1. Three very impressive birds Donna. I love the facial markings on your Kestrel, than are more defines than our Nankeen, and your waxwings have always intrigued me, as we have nothing like them here. Of course:
    As I say,
    A Blue Jay,
    Really makes my day !

    • Thank you, Belinda! I happen to be standing in my backyard with my camera when a flock of waxwings flew through and to the neighbor’s woods. I thought I was going to trip over something underfoot as I tried to stay looking up at them to know where they were to take shots, lol. I was lucky to get one other nice shot to share later. 🙂

  2. It is interesting to compare their length. Is the Cedar waxwing what you are seeing now? We have the Bohemians for winter with a few Cedars mixed in, and the Cedars are our summer visitor.

    • Thank you, Jane! Yes, I’ve been seeing Cedar Waxwings for a month now, finally got a some shots of this one & others last week. 🙂 The Bohemians are more gorgeous I think, lucky you! The Bohemians don’t come down far enough to us unfortunately.

  3. The Kestrel… always one of my favorites. Now I need to go look up what Tom (Tootlepedal’s) look like over on the other side of the planet. 😏

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