Chesapeake Bay Osprey


Our beautiful Osprey have been back for two months now and are in abundance everywhere around the Chesapeake Bay.




Old nests are renovated and new ones constructed, wherever they could find suitable real estate near or over water. Here are just a few of my local nests.



















Osprey do get creative with their nests!

Usually by the end of April, the Chesapeake Bay Osprey have laid 2-4 eggs; so it is now brooding time, which is the female’s primary job.

The male will continue to bring materials to strengthen the nest. In addition, he needs to ramp up his fishing skills to bring home the bacon…… for his lady in waiting and upcoming family.








Oh, Mr Osprey, you better do better than that or the Mrs will not be happy!




Mr Osprey is back at it, fishing!

Next post I’ll share an Osprey in fishing action!


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