Our Second Chick Has Fledged!

I received information yesterday that our osprey parents were named by a group of neighbors of mine three years ago.  (Thanks for letting me know, CJ!)  The mother osprey is Olivia and the father is Oliver (Ollie).  So from this point forward I will use their names in my posts.  🙂

At dawn this morning, I checked our osprey nest and found mom Olivia feeding a single chick.  The other chick wasn’t in sight, but I could just imagine him soaring our area.  After the feeding, Olivia took flight, and the single chick followed her.  I couldn’t believe it!  And, of course, I was wasn’t prepared with my camera.  I lost sight of the chick but Olivia perched herself again on Lippincott’s entrance channel marker just as yesterday and watched from there.  Shortly thereafter, she took flight and disappeared.  When I checked again 15 minutes later, the chick was just landing back on the nest and mom Olivia was coming in right behind.  Here’s Olivia landing with a small fish for our successful second chick, what a great reward!

And then she proceeded to feed her chick.  She has such patience!

Now that both chicks have fledged, they will work on improving their flying and landing skills and begin to learn on how catch their own fish.  For now, they will still depend on Olivia and Ollie to bring fish to the nest, which will continue to be their home-base until they migrate in September.

Again, while waiting and watching, this seagull happen to fly by with his breakfast catch…

Although there will be less activity at the nest as weeks go on, I will keep us up-to-date on my sightings, in addition to posting past photos of our osprey family as well as other waterfowl photos of mine.

One thought on “Our Second Chick Has Fledged!

  1. I love it! Your pictures are fantastic and your writing makes me smile. I’m so glad you took this on since you have THE view of this little family. Ollie and Olivia? Okie dokie!

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