Olivia and Blue Heron ‘Dog Fight’

The chicks are still out and about, their wings getting stronger each day.  They continue to use the rocks below the nest as resting points, maybe more swims, it must feel safe to them down there and they can cool off easily.  We don’t see much of dad Ollie, but I did capture him perched with Olivia on Lippincott’s channel marker, so we know he’s still around.  He’s probably real busy trying to keep food in the nest.  It was nice to see them together again!  What great parents they have been!!

If you’re able to watch them, you’ll see the chicks are pretty much feeding themselves each time now.  Mom Olivia just watches them and the skies around for protection.  Before we know it, they will be bringing their own catches to the nest!

Speaking of protection, Olivia is still quite ardent that no one comes around her nest and territory.  Did anyone in the community see yesterday morning, when a blue heron came way too close to Olivia’s liking and she took off after him.  Here are a few sequence photos of the ‘dog fight’ they ensued.  Olivia did get a strike on the blue heron who went down to the water.  Both birds continued to try and attack each other before the blue heron took a turn to the south and away from her area.

Shortly after, another adult osprey came by, and Olivia took off after him too.  He didn’t waste any time getting out of her area.

Good job, Olivia!!  Finally, for fun I took the following photo of the latest ‘accessory’ to make it into our nest this morning. Yesterday, there was a piece of blue fabric but it’s either been removed or worked into the nest.

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