Definitely One Chick Still Around

Hurricane Earl stayed far enough away from our area thankfully!  Since my last post Tuesday, it wasn’t until Friday before I saw any of our osprey family on the nest.  Here are photos from Friday.  Again, this one hung out on the edge, keeping an eye on the surroundings.

Saturday, the same chick came around again.  I didn’t catch a photo until he took flight.  This chick definitely turned into one beautiful osprey.  As he flew up over our building, there’s definitely an eye on me….that raptor look….I don’t think I’d want to tangle with an osprey, do you?!!  😉

With the osprey leaving our area for migration, I have seen more eagle sightings over at CBEC (one of Olivia’s roosting trees) and across the Narrows over on Kent Island; they are also interesting and beautiful to watch.  Our local eagles do not migrate.  During the fall they begin working on their nests and lay eggs late January.  They will visit our osprey nest too!  I’ve captured a few eagles visiting, here’s one from January 2010….

Oh boy, I bet Ollie and Olivia wouldn’t be too happy knowing who visited their nests while they’re south for the winter!  We will have a sneek peek, I’ve got a file on photos of our visitors I’ve seen, I’ll post them at a later date.  Have a safe and happy Labor Day!

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