Ollie Is One Fantastic Provider!

Wow, Ollie is one fantastic provider!  I’ve seen him deliver a fish to an awaiting chick three times since my last post on Saturday.  Here’s a photo sequence of a noon fish delivery on Sunday.  The “white line” off the chick’s wing is one of his feathers that got stuck up from his flapping excitement when dad was approaching.  Of course, Ollie took a quick flight immediately.  He sure is fast!

I’ve kept notes but mostly took photos for diary reference (date/time) whenever I’ve seen an osprey on the nest these last few weeks.  I have been going through my photos from the last week and was able to determine by different markings on each that it appears we still have both chicks visiting the nest, I’m guessing looking for dad and a fish delivery.

If you are interested in reading a book on osprey,  I just finished and thoroughly enjoyed Return of the Osprey written by David Gessner.  David follows an entire season of four osprey nests around his home in Cape Cod and  also recounts his own life of readjustments and discoveries.  In addition, he gives an excellent history narrative on how DDT used back in the late 1950’s to 1970’s all but wiped out the osprey and their strong comeback today.  The book is available at Blackwater NWR’s online store or most other book stores.  David Gessner also has a website www.ospreyworld.com.  David has published a second osprey book, Soaring With Fidel, that I hope to start reading in a few weeks!  And next on my list to buy is Alan Poole’s Osprey: A Natural and Unnatural History (Cambridge U. Press 1989).  It is the best osprey fact book from over ten years of his expert studies.  I hope to learn as much as possible to pass on to you during next year’s full season of our osprey family.  We will all become osprey ‘experts’!  Or at least may know more than most people….   🙂

Shortly after a chick left the nest, I was surprised to see a blue heron visiting below the nest.  He didn’t stay long, but wow, he was brave!

Finally, a few photos of a baby bird that landed on our deck chair.  I think it is a mocking bird but I am not sure.  He didn’t mind “posing” for me, he actually started chirping at me and would open his mouth wide.  He was so cute, I couldn’t resist passing on to you to enjoy too!

Have a great Labor Day weekend and let’s hope Hurricane Earl stays far away from us!

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