Nest Visitors – Eagles!

What a treat today!  I was so lucky to be at the right place at the right time to photograph two young adult eagles on our nest as they rested for a while.

When they took flight, they flew over to Kent Narrows channel marker #3 where two other eagles were perched.  They interacted a bit and then separated, two flying back and going over to CBEC to perch while the other two perched briefly on channel marker #5 before flying out of sight.  I tried to captured all four in a single photo but lucked out with three.

As you’ve noticed in our area, an osprey sighting is becoming less and less as most are further down the migration highway or have already arrived to their winter destination.  I haven’t seen one myself in our area for a couple of weeks but I luckily did see one briefly this afternoon in the distant over by Lipincott’s; he was circling and then nose-dived into the water, coming back up with a fish!  Here’s his success photo, sorry it’s so blurry.

I also saw another osprey along the boardwalk on the Patuxent River in Solomons Island this past weekend.  He too was searching for fish but he wasn’t finding any and flew off to search more.  Hopefully, these osprey transients can keep on the move best they can as they make their way south.

Finally, I wanted to show you one of the painted fire hydrants on Solomons Island which caught my eye……can you guess what it is?

An osprey of course!  🙂   I thought it was cute.

To catch up on our Oyster Cove osprey family, I’m working on June’s gallery and should have up in a couple more days.  Til then, have a great week!

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