Egg Alert For Oliver & Olivia!

After watching for two days, I’m most positive that Olivia is incubating an egg that was laid on Sunday, April 3!   That day I was able to spend a good amount of time watching Oliver continue to feverishly strengthen their nest while Olivia basically stayed perched and watched.

At 1:22 pm Oliver also brought a small headless fish for Olivia to dine on.   As usual, she took the fish and left the nest to eat it elsewhere.  She returned to the nest in 20 minutes and sat in the middle as shown below.

Here’s another shot of Olivia about 45 minutes later, cocking her head as she watched Oliver returning to the nest with another stick.  It’s also a good shot to see the additional decor Oliver has discovered and used.  Check out the small cardboard box on Olivia’s left, as well as that darn screen that is still there.

After that last photo, we went out to dinner.  When we returned at 6:00 pm, I found Olivia sitting deep in the nest and turning her head keeping constant watch of her surroundings.  I watched her for over an hour and saw her get up and put her head down and move it in the nest.  She then repositioned to the middle and settled herself gently in the nest.  I’m guessing she was rolling the egg around a little, which they do throughout the incubation period.

The next photo was taken at 6:53pm, with Oliver bringing Olivia a nice large fish with it’s head still attached, maybe a wonderful offering to show his support of the birth of their first egg!  🙂  Hey, the fish even has his head still which is unusual for Oliver.  He must be making sure Olivia gets all she can to stay nourished.

Both yesterday morning and evening, I found Olivia still settled in the nest, which I was sure confirmed she’d given birth.  And fantastic dad, Oliver, continued the nest strengthening.  I noticed last night he was concentrating more on grass and clumps to pack and line the nest for Olivia and the egg cup.  Oh, and he added more of that lovely clear plastic to the side.  LOL

Last year Olivia and Oliver had two chicks hatch, the year before three.  It is possible an osprey can lay up to four eggs at 1-3 days apart intervals.  So therefore, Olivia could be busy these few days laying one or more additional eggs.  The eggs are the size of a large chicken egg and usually hatch in 4-5 weeks in the sequence they were laid.

Yesterday into today, the winds have kicked up to 20-30 mph.  This morning Olivia was really deep in the nest, keeping her egg(s) warm and protected.  At one point, Oliver returned to the nest and Olivia got up and stood about a minute and then flew off, probably for a break to stretch her wings.  Dad Oliver immediately positioned and settled right onto the egg(s) until Olivia returned and took back her place.  It is so amazing the instinct they have to support each other and their offspring, isn’t it?

Now we watch and wait for a little chick’s head to pop up to see his new world!

Finally, a quick photo of a blue heron who flew directly and pass me within 30 feet on Sunday.  I didn’t even have to crop the photo he was so close!

Til next time, have a super week!

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