Herons & Egrets

Herons and egrets are abundant in our area year around and can strike some awesome poses!  Here are some of my favorite shots…..

It took that Great Blue Heron a total of 12 minutes from capture to final swallow!

Thank you for viewing this gallery, I hope you enjoyed!

9 thoughts on “Herons & Egrets

  1. AWESOME! I have never seen more beautiful photographs. I hope you are submitting them to magazines or…framing them to sell or something! They are just TOO GREAT!!

  2. These are INCREDIBLE! The fish swallowing act is fascinating. The flamingo stances are wonderful. The “dead on” stare such an interesting perspective. I have to share this series with my sister in Norwalk who loves her backyard bird feeders. These will really wow her!

  3. Wonderful photos of beautiful birds, amazing feathers, l o n g necks and huge fish!! Thanks for sharing!! Beth

  4. these are very gorgeous photos and also rare to find.you have attain perfection in your photography,you can beat anyone with such kind of photography.you deserve Oscar of photography for this one.

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