Blake the Blue Heron Continues to Visit

So sorry, spare time has evaded me these last couple weeks, but rest assured the photo-snapping didn’t stop and we’re back, Blake the Blue Heron and I.  🙂  To our enjoyment, Blake has continued to stay around and visit us.  As in the past ten weeks, he still keeps his vigil, absorbing the warm sun rays or doing a little feather preening while on our osprey nest…..

or at the base of the nest…..

…or over at our Oyster Cove point…..

…..along with doing a little fishing…..

Did you notice during the fish capture and digestion that Blake fluffed his feathers couple times?  And with a toss & throw-back of his head, you could almost hear Blake gulping that little fish down!

Another cool sequence of Blake doing a touchdown-&-go on our nest.  He had been over at the point and was spooked by a fishing boat slowly coming his way.  Not sure what, but something made him change his mind on not staying on the nest as he squawked & flew away….

Another Blake departure, this time from the water.
What long legs and massive wings you have, Blake!

As you saw above in previous photos of Blake on the OC point, we do have our share of mallards in our area.  They are always good for a comical shot!

Hey, look at me!

I know they are arriving in the area from hearing the distant ‘honking’, but here’s a first that I’ve seen this season, the migrating Canadian geese are dropping into our OC waters.  They know they are safe here in our small cove year after year.  And they know feedings from my neighbors are pretty good too.  Let the winter noise begin!  I love it!

Finally,  we have locally enjoyed several gorgeous sunrises and sunsets this past two weeks.  Here’s a few pretty shots.  Everyone loves the beauty of a sunrise….

and the warm, dreamy feeling of  sunset.

“The sunrise is God’s greeting.  The sunset, his signature.”
~Author Unknown

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