As Our Fall Season Changes

This past week we have begun to feel the early morning and early evening cooler crispness in the air.  The trees have been performing their fall fashion showcase.  A continuation of incoming and passing-through migrating birds are in the air.  In the distance, you can hear their distinct calls as the area continues to change with the season.

(In the above photo, front tree line to the far left, can you see the bald eagle perched in the tree top?  He’s tiny in the photo but there!)

Blake the Blue Heron still visits but I’ve seen him more now over at the point.  When he took flight two different times, he turned west and went towards Kent Island instead of coming my way to the osprey nest.

But we are having more regular visits to the nest by different gulls.

One gull caught a small crab and pecked & devoured him on the walking path off to the left of our osprey nest.

And, course, we have the cormorants and mallards.  It seems to be ‘their’ area for now, until our wintering species arrive and settle in.

These fellas were sunning on a neighbor’s kayak moored in the cove, a continuous favorite perch for them….and unfortunately a mess for our neighbor!

With the recent cooler temperature changes, it gave way for another beautiful calm sunrise this week over CBEC.

The next day another clear morning sunrise gave way late-morning to a fog cloud that rolled directly at Oyster Cove from the southeast.  Fog is normal in the spring and fall along the water, but this huge low fog cloud was amazing to watch as it came slowly towards and then engulfed us for almost three hours before burning off early afternoon.

Sunsets have been awesome this week as well.  I especially liked the next one when I captured a gull flying through my shot.

This afternoon we had two wind surfers enjoying the windy conditions just beyond our nest.  They were really cruising across the water, racing towards and zipping right by each other.  It definitely doesn’t look easy!

And tonight’s sunset was another beautiful one!

It is truly amazing the different colors a sunset can produce each day.

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