Crazy Weather and Buffleheads

The past week and a half has been a continued roller-coaster of weather changes, as well as sightings here and there of our latest visiting migratory waterfowl here in our Oyster Cove area.  Temps were in the 50’s-60’s first few days of the year, and then they plummeted to the 20’s for our days’ highs, then back up to the 50’s with a surprise snow squall last night that passed through our region, dusting us.  Then today temps back up.  Crazy!

Eagles are flying our skies and perching over at CBEC in the trees.  The Canadian geese are continuing to arrive/pass through our area…..

with flocks continuing to spend their night in Marshy Creek, and like clockwork, awakening with the sun’s rise and passing by our nest to take flight for the day’s adventures.

A few tundra swans have arrived and are enjoying their protective night’s stay also in Marshy Creek.  They haven’t as yet come by our nest that I’ve seen as last year, but their chatter can be heard and I’ve watched them flying in the distance in their early morning flights out and over CBEC.

I’m quite impressed to still see Blake, our visiting Great Blue Heron, around.  The weather doesn’t matter to him.  With the recent moonlit nights/early mornings, I’ve been outside before sunrise and seen him already perched on the berm down on my left, perfectly still, waiting for the day’s beginning.   And then he continues to stay there, only slightly moving his head to keep an eye around him while the sky fills with light.  The gulls will hang around him, hoping he’s going to miss a meal and they can grab it.  Blake’s down in the bottom right of the last photo, giving you an idea where he’s hanging these days.

With nothing much else being exciting to post, my entry seemed doomed for not much else than sunrises and sunsets (about them a little later!).  I am still working on my photos taken on New Year’s day where Rick and I spent the afternoon at Blackwater Wildlife Refuge, so not prepared just yet to post those best (hopefully VERY soon, got some great eagle, blue heron & duck shots).  But then my lucky timing occurred as I was watching a flock of buffleheads at a distance, when they took flight and flew toward me and past the nest and then a loop back around for another flight before they flew off.  They are really a beautiful duck in flight as you’ll see in my photo sequence.  Our waters were calm, capturing some cool reflections….which after a while you begin to wonder in the sequence which are real buffleheads and which are not!

The crazy weather sure did provide several fabulous sunrises and sunsets.  If there’s one and I am home, I have a photograph of it.  🙂  To keep to a minimum and not bore you with one after another, I chose one sunset and one sunrise to share.

The sunrise was unbelievable and occurred on January 6.  It just got brighter and brighter.

The next sunset occurred on January 5 @ 4:52 pm, the night before.  I had my camera and when I arrived home, I shot the first photo of it from the ground.  The shrubbery and ducks flying through gave it a different angle than my usual balcony shot.

I went indoors and knew to keep my eye on this one.  Three minutes later from my balcony…..

Hmmmmm, I thought.  It appeared it might just fizzle out.  But not so, 14 minutes later @ 5:09 pm it just popped with brilliance…..

And finally @ 5:14pm, with a flock of Canadian geese flying in to settle into Marshy Creek for the night.

May you have a beautiful ending to a great day this week.
Until next time, take care and thanks for visiting!

21 thoughts on “Crazy Weather and Buffleheads

  1. Awesome! Makes me miss our little spot while we stay warm in Florida. Love all your pictures. Just wonderful! Thank you!

  2. Beautiful photos, as usual 😉
    Pretty sure we spotted a bufflehead on a lake we visited this weekend! Don’t think I’d (knowingly) seen them before and unfortunately we were without binoculars so it was impossible for us to get a definite confirmation. Anyway, they really are lovely.

    • Thanks possumtree! Three-four years ago I didn’t know one duck from another. LOL Now I have three bird reference books and continue to learn, although I’m tickled I now know as many as I do. Goes to show I’m never too old to learn. 😉 Thank goodness!

  3. Thanks for sharing. The duck photos are great and as always, the sun coming and going makes wonderful pictures. Guess Blake has decided to stay the winter and the changing weather keeps you all guessing!

  4. Such a beautiful spread Donna. Blake makes me feel peaceful. I love how he is such a chill guy and sits their patiently waiting for the day to begin. You’ll miss him when he leaves. So will I.


    • Yes Margie, I will miss Blake when he’s gone. Watching him, trying to capture that one great shot, I enjoy patience with him. It is peaceful! If he lasts til mid February for our ospreys’ return, I know they will force him away by challenging him with scare attacks. But maybe he’ll know when they leave in the fall, and come back to regain his winterland territory. Wouldn’t that be neat?!

    • Thanks Scott, and great idea! I had been thinking about adding a photo page in my galleries of just them, like other ones I want to set up, it’s finding the time. Which is one thing I’m working on this year, making more time for myself and my hobby. 🙂

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