Bunch ‘O Birds

First, to my followers, so sorry for the long lapse since my last post!  And ditto for not keeping up with those I follow!  With long days/overtime at work, personal commitments, as well as having re-injured an old wrist injury, I’ve been either too exhausted or hurting too much to get much free time in the evenings.  😦   And it’s been driving me crazy not working on my photos and blogging!  So here’s an attempt to type and post a bunch ‘o birds with my right wrist wrapped up before I conk out…..

I wanted to begin with sharing a couple more photos of the Killdeer family that I shared in my last post.  I’m still enjoying watching the family running around in the mornings almost daily.   I now just stop for a minute to watch them from a distance; but a couple weeks ago one of the babies was so close in the road, I was able to stop and quickly get a shot before it scurried away fast.  Adorable!

Juvenile Killdeer

As I was wondering where the parents were and why weren’t they protecting junior, one began screaming at me off to my right.  Someone wasn’t on alert like they should have been but quickly made up for the delay!

Parent Killdeer

He then proceeded to walk between me and junior, who had already left the building.  No screaming, just staring.  Now you know why I just watch from a distance.  I’ve been told to!

Parent Killdeer

In our Chesapeake Bay area, Canada geese are abundant in the winter months as they migrate to us in the tens of thousands, but are not so common staying as a resident during the summer.  We have a few remain every summer down by Marshy Creek, and it appears they’ve decided to stay another summer with us.  Sometimes I’ve seen three pair, but this day there was just the one pair.  The one thing I’ve not seen is any families produced from this small group.  Just adults, grazing and resting, but still cool!

Canada Geese

Canada Geese with Osprey on platform

The next two photos are of more Canada geese but with families.  These were shot within a mile of my work, resting alongside “Walmart Pond”.  Not getting to see any goslings around Oyster Cove/Marshy Creek, it was a treat for me to see these.  There were actually three pair of adults with three sets of goslings, all in different stages of age.  They were only there for one morning.  I thought how nice they all stayed together protecting each other as they continued their travels.

Canada Geese and Goslings

Canada Geese and Goslings

We have many Mourning Doves, I love their cooing and trying to find them when they are calling out.  In the mornings, they love to hang around in the pine trees.

Mourning Dove in the morning!

And spring is still in the air!  There were a pair of Mourning Doves mating on our walkway below my balcony.

Mourning Doves mating

Mourning Doves mating

I even had the pleasure of one who visited my balcony one morning.

Mourning Dove on my balcony

Another morning, I had an American Robin resting on my balcony.  Doesn’t matter our balcony is on the third floor, it gives them a much better view!  Now if all the visitors could just learn to not leave me any presents to clean off when they leave!

American Robin on my balcony

A couple more American Robin shots….

American Robin

American Robin

When the sunlight is just right, the Grackle shines beautiful!



And so does the Red-Winged Blackbird…

Red-Winged Blackbird

Red-Winged Blackbird

Red-Winged Blackbird

Red-Winged Blackbird

Although the winter months provide many photo ops with all the barren trees along Rt 301 where I stop frequently on my way to & from work, there are scarce ops with the fully leaved trees.  But there are a few big dead trees that are still standing and on occasion ‘someone’ is perched on one of them.

Red-Tailed Hawk

Red-Tailed Hawk

Red-Tailed Hawk

Turkey Vulture

Turkey Vultures

Turkey Vultures

Turkey Vulture

Now that was a Bunch ‘O Birds!  I have many more to share of herons, eagles, barn swallows, purple martins, and of course osprey, I imagine those will each be separate posts as I limp along here.

Finally, I wanted to share this sun-setting shot I took yesterday evening while at Dirty Dave’s Tiki Bar at Kentmoor Restaurant on Kent Island, directly on the Chesapeake Bay.  They have a cool beach bar with hammocks, adirondack chairs, swaying palm trees, and a great Happy Hour menu!  A cool place to relax and watch the sun set while nursing the wrist….   🙂

As always, thank you for stopping by, I appreciate it!

30 thoughts on “Bunch ‘O Birds

  1. Your photos always astound me! Just when I think that I am getting some good shots, you post another series like these. 😉

    As for the mourning doves, they are one of the earliest nesting birds. The ones here are on their second and third broods of the season already. They prefer to nest in pines, which is why you see them there in the morning so often. If you were to search the pine you see them perched on, you would probably find a nest.

    • Thank you very much Jerry! But then you post another series of excellent shots too! We have such a similar experience of ‘backyard’ wildlife that certainly keeps us busy trying to capture all those beautiful visitors. I love seeing what’s going on in your Michigan backyard! 🙂

      Thanks for info on mourning doves nesting in pine trees, I didn’t know that! I tried this morning to check out the pine trees, but there were several mourning doves bobbing about on the ground at their base; and they were giving me the eye, so I moved on. I thought about trying again this weekend during mid-day and take a walk over there when maybe no one’s about ground feeding. It’d be cool to sight one!

  2. Welcome back dear Donna, it is nice to see you again. Your bird photographs are amazing, fascinating me. Thank you, have a nice day, love, nia

    • Thank you very much Bob! When I was gazing at the water and saw ‘my’ photo, I did for real get off the bar stool and go position the sun between the branches to take the shot. It was fun and I was very pleased when I got back and downloaded it. Always a good day when a shot turns out! 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing the bunch of beautiful birds. I have missed your posts but understand doing what is in front of you first. Hope the wrist heals quickly and you can get some r&r in now and then! hugs

    • Thank you Beth, and your welcome, I’m glad you missed me! 😉 Thanks for well wishes on the wrist, it has gotten much better by not using it, but boy it’s about driving me crazy, lol. hugs back!

  4. Hope your feeling better, you’ve been missed. Your turkey vulture photos are outstanding as are all. Have truly enjoyed your wildlife photos.

    • Doing much better, thanks for well-wishes! The poor TV isn’t given enough kudos on their impressive stature and excellent sanitation work they provide. There’s usually one in that old tree many days, but seeing the three, I just had to pull over. 🙂

  5. These have been a bunch of great pictures, I was impressed with your T. Vultures shots. I hope that you get your wrist in good working condition so you can shoot more terrific pictures. Don’t work so much much overtime because G-d forbid you may get rich! 🙂 My best for you Donna!

    • Thank you very much HJ, I’ve been taking photos of the TV for a couple years but always have had a hard time getting the light to really show their ‘unique’ face. Since I’ve found this dead tree, I’ve had more luck in the morning hours with their ops. Thanks for well-wishes on wrist, but I will have to admit I’m still taking photos, nothing can get me to lay down the camera, LOL. Probably one of reasons why it’s taking longer to heal up, but I’ll never admit that! Re overtime, no choice, own business; but believe me, we ain’t getting rich, that’d be too easy. We all need this economy to start kicking butt! 😉

    • Thanks so much Paul! I did luck out with action that day between three of them, the one on the highest perch seemed to be the elder of the three, he eventually worked his way to the others’ branches and forced them to fly off. It was interesting to watch.

  6. First I’m sorry to hear about your wrist injury; I hope you are feeling better soon, and that your work load eases up a bit.

    I loved all your photos, but I especially liked the red-winged blackbird and the vultures on the dead tree (seemed classic!).

    I was just looking at some gosslings yesterday that looked almost identical to their parents, except they had just a bit of baby fuzz clinging to the top of their heads.

    I am embarrased to say that for the longest time when I was hearing mourning doves cooing, I was convinced that I was hearing an owl. I’m glad I finally realize what it is I’m hearing. It’s a lovely sounds.

    • I am amazed at the number of red-winged blackbirds we have around our marshes, I never paid attention until this year. I love their attitude! And I thought I should save the vulture shots til Halloween, seemed fitting, LOL. Thanks for wrist well-wishes, I’m not one to keep down with an injury but I’m really trying to give it R&R! It’s making me nuts! LOL

  7. Thank you for the journey around your area. You know the Canada geese arrive here in the spring to ice-covered ponds, maybe they decided to stay further south. Wish you a speedy recovery.

    • I appreciate your following along, Jane! Love seeing Canada through your lens very much as well. Those local Canada geese last year stayed through the summer, I was sure they’d not be able to withstand the heat. But they proved me wrong. I’ve wondered if one of the pair is injured and not able to fly long distance and have learned to live here. I do wish I knew if they are indeed the same ones each summer! Just so coincidental!

  8. I just love Killdeer babies and your shot is fabulously cute. Snags make for such great phot ops and we just have to convice the general public of how important they are for Woodpeckers and birds of prey. Great to have you back … Tom

    • Thank you Tom! I’ve learned myself how important snags are and find myself looking for them as a photo op to see what may be perched. 🙂 When hiking close by one, I’ve seen woodpeckers but have yet to get a clear shot, they don’t stay still!

    • Thanks so much Steve! You now know about another tiki bar in the Kent Island/Kent Narrows to visit when riding through the area! 🙂 I am trying to learn to envision a possible photo op & make it happen. Saw this & abruptly got off the stool and said to hubby, I gotta go get this shot. I felt like a pro! LOL No not really, but I did feel really really good seeing it framed and then when I saw it on my laptop. I was very happy!

  9. I need a Tiki bar!

    I just met my first killdeer a few weeks ago. And I love seeing many of the birds I’m most used to seeing out my way. Your gorgeous pictures renew my appreciation of them.

    Hope your wrist heals well and soon!

    • The Tiki gods do call us locals to visit them often and we do have many to chose some! Always a fun weekend trip to visit for crabs, tiki bars and birds! LOL

      Congrats on your killdeer Scott! I actually for first time saw one running on the beach about a mile from home instead of our ‘normal’ parking lot and roadway sightings, and thought, geez, they really do like water. lol With my missing osprey family, I have a higher appreciation for the commons and locals that are around us daily, so things have turned out good in a way. 🙂 Thanks for well-wishes on wrist, I’m trying to be really good and not use it, but….it’s tough! 🙂

    • Thank you David! I know my wrist is saying it’s too heavy right now, lol. But, can’t not carry it with me & use, it’s my sidekick! Thanks for well-wishes, it is getting better, just taking too long for my liking. 🙂

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