Osprey Everywhere!

For sure I have missed our resident osprey pair, Oliver and Olivia this season, and our osprey platform has remained empty.  But the number of osprey in our area is astounding and has helped fill the void!  For the last month, I have been photographing them from my balcony as they fly around in search of fish to feed the many chicks that have recently hatched or nesting material to enlarge their nests to support their growing brood.

I’ll start with a couple visits to our platform.  It has been less frequent lately for any osprey visitors and I imagine it’s because they have had no time to hang out with their busy schedule.

Oyster Cove Osprey Platform

Osprey on Oyster Cove Platform

When the osprey in the next three photos stopped by a couple days ago, I was disappointed he was behind the platform board for a good shot.

I started to go back in and he jumped/flapped up to the board to perch.  Now there’s a photo op!

Then the osprey outdid himself by perching one-legged.  I don’t know how birds can balance so well when they stand on just one leg!  I can remember couple years ago when I saw Olivia perched on one leg for the first time, I thought she had lost it and was heartbroken & worried!  I had a really good laugh when she repositioned and dropped down her other leg. 🙂

The following are random photos of osprey in flight in no particular order.

The next two photos are not very good but it’s always interesting to see an osprey attack a bald eagle who wandered through the osprey’s ‘territory’.  The eagle defended himself as he quickly exited the area with the osprey in pursuit.

There’s been little time for boating but I did get couple chances to photograph a few area osprey nests to share.  You can see, as long as the home can be over and very near water, an osprey will build a nest anywhere they think they can.  In our area, channel markers are definitely a favorite but the osprey aren’t too picky!

Unfortunately, sometimes osprey will attempt at building a nest on a channel marker with no platform base as in these next photos of the pair on Channel Marker 7 in the Kent Narrows.  Definitely a tough situation with no room for growing chicks to expand.  😦   Fingers crossed, they can make it to fledging.

But it is possible as seen in the well-established nests in the next two photos.

Finally, I loved this shot of an osprey gazing off in to the sunset.

Sorry for the osprey overload, I’ll wrap this up before I post more!  As you can see, osprey are a favorite of mine and I find it hard to limit the number of photos, so sorry about that!  🙂  As always, thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it!

32 thoughts on “Osprey Everywhere!

  1. These are nice clean clear shots and much closer than I was able to get. been seeing some strong territorial fights at the pond here in the city.

    • Thanks Jane! The territorial fights are really interesting to watch, especially when a little bird is chasing a much larger bird, can be quite comical at times. I just captured a red-wing blackbird chasing a blue heron few days ago (will post soon!) and the red-wing was winning! LOL

  2. WOW! You did a wonderful post for them dear Donna… Does he carry a fish, in one of them, I loved it. You captured so beautiful moments… You are amazing. Thank you, with my love, nia

    • With all the baby osprey chicks recently hatching, the ‘dad’ ospreys have become super-busy at catching and delivering fish to the nest for the chicks’ hungry growing bellies! 🙂 Did you see the head missing on the fish? I forgot to mention about how the dad will eat the fish head while flying back to the nest for a little nourishment for himself so he can keep up with his busy schedule of fishing AND bringing sticks/nesting materials to build the nest bigger and stronger. Thanks Nia!

  3. No such thing as an osprey overload! Wonderful photos, Donna. Thanks!
    There do seem to be many more ospreys this year than I’ve ever seen before.

    • Isn’t it great?!!!! Even the Rt 50 osprey are in more abundance. I plan on doing another osprey post just on them, we have a couple more nests trying to be created. They are driving me crazy with worry, I so don’t want them over the highway, not a good mix! Thanks Martha!

  4. Fantastic photos Donna! What a treat it is to have them so close to home. Your balcony is the perfect blind ! Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos!!!

    • With the third floor height, my balcony is the perfect blind! Hubby says when we sell, we’re advertising ‘birders paradise’, LOL. Of course, I don’t plan on selling any time soon, I could not give up my ‘perch’. 🙂

  5. I vote not to limit the number of photos. They’re all so amazing. My first thought when starting through the pictures was, “This is how you know you’re having a good day.” Looks like you have a lot of good days.

    • Thanks for the vote! I always worry I overload at times, but it is always hard for me to pick and limit! 🙂 Oh yes, I am very lucky to have lots of good days of birds, and am very very greatful/thankful for it!!!

  6. No apologies, please! They’re great! Amazing how different the sky looks in each photo. I’m going to share a link to this post on my FB page, if you don’t mind.


  7. Great assortment of shots. It’s amazing how many different Osprey nests you’ve captured and to think 20 yrs ago we almost wiped these beauties out with DDT. Great post. Tom

  8. Fantastic set of shots. And we’re glad you posted so many, gives us a chance to see the birds for longer! My favorite shot is the one legged perch, just for its quirky-ness 🙂

    • Thanks Ajay! Sometimes I do get some of the funniest poses or ‘looks’ when photographing….and sometimes I swear they know they’re being photographed and do it on purpose, LOL! 😉

    • Thanks bunches Ed! I’ll keep photographing the area’s nests and their chicks as they grow, they’ll get real daring hanging along the edge of the nest, and glaring those bright eyes at ya as you pass by them. I always wonder what they must think of the boats and people….and what their parents tell them about us! LOL

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