Oyster Cove Osprey Update

The osprey in our area continue to thrive even through the extreme heat.  The fishing is good and water is plentiful for dipping and dripping on the young to stay cool.  Our Oyster Cove osprey nest platform is still a very popular perch for the area osprey.  We were not successful this season in obtaining a new resident pair but our community continues to enjoy the presence of the many that fly over us and stop by for a visit.

All of the following photos were taken from my balcony.


I always enjoy watching an Osprey and Great Blue Heron interact.  Sometimes an Osprey will ‘tolerate’ a Great Blue Heron and just keep his eye on him.  But not usually.  I watched one instance where a male Osprey had come to perch at the platform and discovered a Great Blue Heron already down at the base doing a little fishing.  This obviously bothered the Osprey who began to make threatening calls at him over and over again.

Osprey ‘threatening’ a Great Blue Heron

The Great Blue Heron tried to ignore the Osprey, until finally they had a stare down for several minutes.  While I stared at them….

Stare down between an Osprey and Great Blue Heron

Finally the osprey dove at the Great Blue Heron but didn’t tag him, and then was gone.  The Great Blue Heron watched him leave and then went back to his fishing.  This time the Great Blue Heron won!  He’s usually the one that is forced to move on.

The next photos are not the best but show some fierce action between two Osprey who were fighting over possession of the platform.  As one was perched, another dove at him.  The perched Osprey immediately flipped, ready for the attack.  Check out those sharp talons!  They both meant business!

Fighting over Osprey nest platform

We have this happen a lot.  Sure makes for great action to watch!  It usually doesn’t last long, and one will quickly fly off with no one hurt.

Here’s a few flight shots of osprey passing by while I watch and photograph.

The Osprey are gorgeous and interesting birds.  They are noisy and territorial, but they are also dedicated and loyal to each other and their young.  The fledglings are now experiencing a whole new world as they soar in the skies and perfect their landings, while mom and dad continue to feed and care for them.  And it won’t be long before instinct kicks in and pulls them for their migratory journey to as far as South America for a winter vacation.

Until next time, have a great week, and be safe!  As always, thank you for stopping by.  🙂

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