Hurricane Sandy Over Prospect Bay – Update @ 7:30 PM

Ok.  I’m not having fun.  We are watching TV real loud so we cannot hear the wind and rain.  But the darn building is really shaking and vibrating.  Come on Sandy, stop!  We are now in the 50-70 mph bands for the next few hours.  THEN it should start to subside slowly, thank goodness and I hope so.

Here’s my final photos of today as the sun set and it grew dark…..

Hurricane Sandy 10/29/12 @ 5:16pm  (CBEC) –  42mph, gusting to 56 mph

Hurricane Sandy 10/29/12 @ 5:17pm – 42 mph, gusting to 56+ mph

Hurricane Sandy 10/29/12 @ 5:17pm – Overlooking Chesapeake Bay Environ Ctr

High tide this evening was at 5:51 pm.  The next photo shows we had a normal high tide.  The winds blew the Chesapeake Bay out instead of in….but tomorrow morning’s 5:39 am high tide will be a different story as the winds shift and blow the water in from the south throughout the night.  I’ll try and get photos but it’ll be before daylight.

Hurricane Sandy 10/29/12 @ 5:41pm High Tide – 43 mph, gusting to 56+ mph.

Hurricane Sandy 10/29/12 @ 5:42pm – Overlooking Kent Narrows South Entrance markers with Kent Island in the background.

Hurricane Sandy 10/29/12 @ 5:43pm – Overlooking Prospect Bay

As is everyone else in Sandy’s path tonight, we’re in for a sleepless night.  Power outages are occurring all around us into Grasonville, and on Kent Island.  My son just called to check on us and was surprised we still had power.  It’s went off three times but came right back on.  Keeping fingers crossed but I’m thinking it is inevitable.

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If you’re one of the millions of people in Sandy’s path, PLEASE stay safe and secure.

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