Got Geese?

Here around the Maryland Eastern Shore and the Chesapeake Bay area, the migratory Canada Geese and Snow Geese have arrived for the winter season.

The Canada Geese have been in the area for some time, but the numbers have increased considerably.   I had mentioned before how much I enjoy listening to them at sunrise from my balcony, honking from the distant coves on Kent Island and Marshy Creek, discussing their upcoming day and plans for departure, what a delight.  🙂  It is awesome to watch the world awaken around the water, especially with a cup of coffee and camera!  If only I could do it every day…..sigh….oh yeah, that’s called retirement.  Some day I hope!

Anyhoo!  I lucked out just before Christmas watching a flock of Canada Geese swim out of Marshy Creek to head out for the day.  For some reason, a few decided to come in close and make a brief stop at the base of our osprey nest platform.  Out came the camera, they rarely come near or on our berm!

Canada Geese

Canada Geese

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They were soon back in the water and continued to swim towards Kent Island.  When I checked on them a short time later, they had already taken flight and were gone!

The Snow Geese arrive each winter inland east of me in the vast farm fields abundant with dead vegetation throughout Maryland Eastern Shore and Delaware.  My travel to and from work in Delaware is along the Rt. 301 corridor that is nothing but farm fields.  For the past two weeks, I’ve sighted Snow Geese on four different days.  The first two times, they were less than 50 feet from the road!  I did not have my camera either time, shame on me.  The third time, they were at such a distance at dusk that the photos were terrible (yes, this time I did have my camera!).  And finally, yesterday on my way home as sleet was beginning to fall, there they were across the dual highway at the corner of Rt. 301 and Rolling Bridge Road, in the Centreville area.

Flock of Snow Geese

Flock of Snow Geese

Looked almost like snow on the field.  I only had my 24-120mm lens with me and quickly saw I wasn’t close enough.  I went up the road a mile and ramped off for a u-turn and headed back.  Not really being much closer on the opposite shoulder, I went up and turned onto Rolling Bridge Road and pulled up alongside the one end of the stretched-out mass.

DSC_5915-1 1-2-14

DSC_5912-1 1-2-14

For some reason, getting my first photos of Snow Geese each season is always exciting.  Now the challenge is to find a flock closer to the road WITH a camera in the car.  🙂  I hope I didn’t lose my chance for this season a couple weeks ago!

As always, thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

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