Geese Goosing

I have no choice but to continue with another geese post.  After stating the Canada Geese rarely come up to our berm and I was tickled to capture them at the base of the osprey nest platform, they decided to prove me wrong.  I guess I was goosed?!!

Late this morning, lo and behold, a dozen Canada Geese were on our grass, munching away at the green stuff where the snow had been blown away.  Of course, that’s not good news for the grass, but it’s proof that the birds are foraging in odd or more unsafe places for food to survive the snow and cold temps.

Before I had a chance to slip outside to sneak a couple photos, a couple walking their dog was approaching, causing the geese to fly just a few feet into the water.  I stepped outside quickly, catching this pair landing.



Once the walkers disappeared, the geese feeling somewhat safe again flew back onto the berm and grass.  I caught some more landing shots.

_DSC0193-1 1-4-14

_DSC0195-1 1-4-14

_DSC0204-1 1-4-14

Back on the grass, they once again started nibbling.  I captured another quick shot before leaving them be.  This one was the ‘looker’.

_DSC0206-1 1-4-14

A nice-looking bird!  After a brief fuel-up, the Canada Geese were back in the water and departed quickly, probably in search for the night’s sheltered cove.

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