It’s Cold – Your Blue – Perfect

Great Blue Herons reside year-round the Chesapeake Bay area and are a favorite of mine.  They are frequent visitors to our berm, and I cannot even consider passing up another opportunity of taking one more photo of one; they are such a beautiful bird who obliges most any time for a photo shoot!   🙂

After not seeing a Great Blue Heron around when I’m home since the middle of December, a glance from my balcony late yesterday afternoon finally changed that.  Woo-Hoo!



_DSC0138-3 1-3-14

I jumped back to my mid-December photos for my last GBH photo session that I never had a chance to post, here are a few of my faves from then……

_DSC0208-1 12-14-13

_DSC0133-1 12-14-13

_DSC0184-1 12-14-13

_DSC0200-1 12-14-13

_DSC0216-1 12-14-13

Thanks for the photo ops, Mr. Blue, this gal is most appreciated!   🙂

21 thoughts on “It’s Cold – Your Blue – Perfect

    • Thanks Judy! That poor fella was actually trying to not fall off the rock while fighting the small waves that were pounding him because of the wind. The next photo in my post was him recomposing himself, followed by him looking around to make sure no one saw him, lol. Had me laughing, I’ve done that a thousand times!

    • He was trying to not fall from the wind and little waves, I think he slipped. But oh he quickly recomposed himself in the next photo I posted with a hope no one saw him. (Sorry GBH, you’re busted!) LOL

  1. Beautiful photos! I love watching herons in flight, they always look so graceful :)the last shot is my favourite x

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