It’s Cold – Your Blue – Perfect

Great Blue Herons reside year-round the Chesapeake Bay area and are a favorite of mine.  They are frequent visitors to our berm, and I cannot even consider passing up another opportunity of taking one more photo of one; they are such a beautiful bird who obliges most any time for a photo shoot!   🙂

After not seeing a Great Blue Heron around when I’m home since the middle of December, a glance from my balcony late yesterday afternoon finally changed that.  Woo-Hoo!



_DSC0138-3 1-3-14

I jumped back to my mid-December photos for my last GBH photo session that I never had a chance to post, here are a few of my faves from then……

_DSC0208-1 12-14-13

_DSC0133-1 12-14-13

_DSC0184-1 12-14-13

_DSC0200-1 12-14-13

_DSC0216-1 12-14-13

Thanks for the photo ops, Mr. Blue, this gal is most appreciated!   🙂

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