When it gets REAL cold along the tidal tributaries of the Chesapeake Bay, our creeks, coves and rivers can build up lots of ice and even appear to freeze-over.  Our country’s present deep-freeze arctic temps are providing the perfect conditions. It’s been interesting seeing photos of other bodies of water around the country doing the same thing.  (Those of Niagara Falls were unbelievable!)  So I thought I’d share three wide-angle photos I took today from my balcony of my local area’s freeze-overs.  You can see the ice effects of the tidal waters that continue beneath, as the ice lifts and lowers.  There are dark open ‘pools’ of water here & there; and along the background to my right, the ice is chopped up as it rolls with the tides down from Kent Narrows to Prospect Bay to Eastern Bay to the open waters of the Chesapeake Bay and then back again.  Marshy Creek actually is more of a cove as shown, and it does look like it’s pretty much frozen over.

Marshy Creek

To the left of the nest platform – Marshy Creek frozen (Lippincott Channel Marker #3 to the left where I photographed eagles perched in the last post)

Prospect Bay

Prospect Bay is behind our osprey nest platform (Kent Narrows channel markers to the right, the other perch the eagles used in my last post)

Kent Narrows Channel

To my right – Kent Narrows Channel partially frozen, Kent Island in the background (dark areas are water pools)

This is amazing for us locals to see!

Everyone’s experiencing awesome sunrises and sunsets during these arctic temperatures that pump up the brilliance.  So to round out today and this post, here’s this morning’s sunrise reflecting beautifully on the ice over Marshy Creek.  No color editing!

Sunrise over Marshy Creek

Sunrise over Marshy Creek – January 25, 2014

I was hoping for a vibrant sunset today as well but a horizon of snow clouds cut it a bit short.  Still was pretty to photograph.  I took a series of the sunset, and selected two to share that were taken 13 minutes apart.

Sunset over Kent Island

Sunset over Kent Island – January 25, 2014

10 minutes later

13 minutes later the sun had dipped below the trees but set up an interesting golden ‘flare’ that was really cool!

The next photo was last night’s sunset, what a difference from tonight’s.  No matter, I enjoy every one of them.  🙂

Sunset over Kent Island - January 24, 2014

Last night’s sunset over Kent Island – January 24, 2014

Hope you liked seeing a little scenery for a change.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend, stay warm, and thanks for stopping by!

25 thoughts on “Freeze-Over

  1. Donna… A very nice series… but I especially liked “Sunset over Kent Island – January 25, 2014”

    The predominantly blue gray hue of the foreground patterned ice, the bit of sun glint at the mid-point distance leading to the last rays of the diffused setting sun at the horizon, and the gray, featureless clouds all work together to imbue a feeling of a desolate, icy-cold night! Well done!

    • Thank you very much for your comments, Steve! For sure, it felt it while taking the photo. 🙂 I have loved seeing what each night’s view turns out to be with the ice and reflections. Like a snowflake, no two are alike!

  2. Donna these are fantastic photos! In all of my years living in Maryland, I can’t recall a winter that comes close to the one we are dealing this now. It’s almost been three weeks of below average temperatures.

    • Thanks and I agree, what a winter this has been! I’d been wondering myself and actually had gone thru my photos to see. The winter 2009-10 we got that huge dumping of snow on us, another year was 2003. We are so not use to this winter’s last few weeks of harshness!

  3. I always like scenery in a photo blog because it puts the other subjects, birds, flowers etc in context. These were very nice pictures so that was an added bonus.

  4. This is something to see-love the brilliant sunrises as well as the subtle ones. The first photo showing the ridges of snow is intriguing.The second-last photo shows a pillar, a straight vertical beam of light think it is like a sundog, where light is refracted by crystals.The light and focus on the eye of the osprey in your “header” is stunning-great shot.

  5. Incredible images! It looks so dramatic frozen over. The sunset looks twice as amazing thanks to the reflection! Great post Donna 🙂 x

    • It’s become quite an ordeal around the whole Chesapeake Bay area, last big freeze-over like this (but worse!) was the winter of 1976-77. Although an ordeal for many, it has provided awesome reflections so I’ve been loving it! 🙂

  6. I especially liked the photo of “Sunset over Kent Island – January 25, 2014”. The icy waters almost made it look like another land.

    Although I’m tired of the cold and snow like most people around now, one potential plus for our area is that it might have helped us out with an Asian beetle (emeral ash borer) that has been doing in our trees. Although our winters aren’t normally so cold as to kill them off, apparently we had a streak of particularly frigid weather this winter, so here’s hoping that we see less of them this spring.

    • The waters are almost bare of ice now, and I kind of miss it already because of the beauty it bestowed that we rarely see around here. However, I’ve had enough with the frigid temps as well. It would be awesome if this winter helped to kill off the infamous stinkbug that plagues our area’s homes. Good luck with the hope of less Asian beetles in the spring!

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