Eagle on Our Osprey Nest Platform

Nothing like an eagle to quickly awaken your eyes and body on an early cold morning!

One of my first rituals every morning is to get a cup of coffee, look out my windows and take in the beauty I am so lucky and thankful to see each day.  This one recent morning the sky was lighting up but the sun hadn’t risen yet.  Glancing out the window, I almost spilled my cup when I sighted an adult male eagle perched on our osprey nest platform, eating a nice size fish.  Throwing my coat on over my pajamas (yes I did!), I grabbed my camera and first took a couple shots threw the window.  Just in case.  I then eased open the slider and took one slow step out to snap a couple more.  Of course, eagles see everything.  He looked right at me, watched me humbly retreat, then went on to eating.  The power of those eyes!

American Bald Eagle

American Bald Eagle on Oyster Cove Osprey Nest Platform

I continued to watch him from inside with my binoculars.  I heard another eagle call-out and saw the one I was watching look up from eating and towards the Kent Narrows Channel southend entrance.  Bingo, there was the female.  The male on the platform took flight with the fish and flew over to the channel marker and landed.  He finished off the fish (didn’t share, mind you!) and then perched across from his mate.  By this time the sun had risen.  (And I was now running late for work! lol)

American Bald Eagles

American Bald Eagles on Kent Narrows Channel Marker #3 (South Entrance)

The pair remained on the marker while I readied for work until one disappeared on me.  The other was still perched on the marker when I left for work.  Captured this next shot before leaving of the one not giving a hoot that Canada Geese were flying around him on both sides.

Canada Geese flying past American Bald Eagle

Canada Geese flying past American Bald Eagle

Eagle sightings are an awesome experience for me every time, and this time of year sightings are often.  I tried yesterday on my way home from work stopping to photograph one flying (didn’t get him).  This morning I watched three flying over Marshy Creek, one obviously harassing a mated pair.  The male of the pair did some major chasing of the intruder eagle until he left.  The male then returned to the Mrs. who had perched on Lippincott’s channel marker to watch the action.  Upon landing, they called out together in triumph.  🙂

American Bald Eagles

American Bald Eagles on Lippincott Channel Marker #3

It sure makes a day better when you see an eagle!  🙂

16 thoughts on “Eagle on Our Osprey Nest Platform

    • LOL, HJ your comment timing is soooo perfect. I saw a bumper sticker about a week ago that said, “Caution I Brake For Photo Ops!” I said to myself, I need one of them! 🙂 Thanks HJ for the laugh!

  1. Always a thrill to see a bald eagle, even I caught a glimpse of one two days ago but did not have my camera so it is enjoyable to gaze at your images.

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