Visitors Who Always Thrill!

Today was ending with dreary grey skies, incoming fog, and showers.  The only birds seen are the resident ospreys in the distance on their platforms and nests riding out the rain.  Everyone else has found their shelter.  Nature is quiet as evening approaches.

Or so I thought.  Out of the corner of my eye passing within 15-20 feet of our big floor-to-ceiling window, I caught a glimpse of two quite large dark birds with bright white tails.  Almost knocking my dinner plate onto the floor, I rushed to the balcony door grabbing my camera along the way…..

Swooping in and landing on our Oyster Cove osprey nest platform were two adult American Bald Eagles.  Always ALWAYS a treat for our community when one, let alone two Eagles visit our platform!

Due to the weather & lighting conditions, my photos aren’t worthy of print but I couldn’t not post them just because of who they were.  There’s just something about seeing an Eagle that thrills my heart and soul.  Two is twice as nice!

American Bald Eagles

American Bald Eagles having a shouting match with the Osprey on KN#3 channel marker.

_DSC0039-1 4-28-14

The largest Eagle on the right is the female.

The male Eagle quickly departed and headed over Marshy Creek while the female hung out for a bit, keeping her keen eye on everything around her.   In the next two photos, I saw quite interesting on how much the female Eagle could turn her head as she looked to her left……

_DSC0076-1 4-28-14

And then continuing to turn it and look behind her, hold it there to get a real good look, before turning back around.  Pretty good head swivel, huh?

_DSC0082-1 4-28-14

Yep, these visitors are ALWAYS a thrill!  🙂



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