She Came Back to Him

Who? What?  🙂

Updating my previous post on our returning Osprey, yesterday, both in the morning & late afternoon, our Mr. Osprey was still perched on his highway sign along Rt 50/301 in Grasonville.  As each year, he sits and patiently waits for his girl to return.

This morning, she was alongside him.  Home at last!

(sorry on photo quality, I only had my little point & shoot!)

Mr & Mrs Osprey are home!

Mr & Mrs Osprey are home!

IMG_1344-1 31215

They will now take a little time to regain their strength from that 4,000 mile trek back here from South America.  And then onto renovating their nest in preparation for a family of little ones.  They will also rebuild their bond and commitment, as they haven’t seen each other since last September (they migrate to separate locations).  This Osprey pair and nest have been along this dual highway corridor for many years.  They are always the first to return, and in my last six years of observation, it has never appeared that a new pair has taken over or one was replaced by another not returning.  This pair has shown year after year they know exactly what they are doing and what they are dealing with (traffic whizzing by below!).

Spring has sprung!  🙂

17 thoughts on “She Came Back to Him

    • It is neat seeing them every summer as we all whiz by, albeit scary at times as they swoop around the traffic. I guess they and the other two pairs along that one-mile stretch are a bit famous for our area! 🙂

    • You could be right Jerry. Since they’ve been there for years, I wonder if the other two pair that are nest-established within a 1/4 mile of them on other signs (as of last year), as well as usually another 1-2 pair trying to start on yet another sign each year, if they aren’t all part of the same family/colony. If that is possible. They do seem to be well-adapted for such a scary spot!

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