December Sunsets Over Kent Island

 A couple posts back I showcased my sunrises for December.  Here’s my December sunsets over Kent Island at the south-end of Kent Narrows.

No two are ever alike.

DSC_5846-1 122015

_DSC0054-1 121015

DSC_5983-1 121615

_DSC0059 (2)-1 121115

DSC_5856-1 12115

DSC_5937-1 12715

_DSC0061-1 121615

DSC_5926-1 12615

DSC_5950-1 121015

DSC_5955-1 121115

DSC_6254-1 122715

DSC_5862-1 121215

DSC_6001-1 121615

DSC_5738-1 122315

Although the winter temps of 30-40’s have finally arrived, a few weeks ago we were still experiencing temps in the 60’s.  I bet the people in the dinghy in the next photo would like my capture from then!

_DSC0037-1 12615

“Every sunset brings the promise of a new dawn.”
— Ralph Waldo Emerson


22 thoughts on “December Sunsets Over Kent Island

    • I like foreground subjects too. I also thought about how much enjoyment those people were having on a December evening at sunset, wished I was in the boat with them! Thank you, Kathy, life is good with birds and binoculars or camera in hand…along with God’s artistic handi-work with our skies. I receive great joy and a sense of calmness when I watch it all unfold. 🙂

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