A Styling Wood Stork Rendition

So sorry for my absence!  After leaving Florida, we stopped in South Carolina for a week, took a break from blogging to enjoy our last days, the long travel home, then once home….WOW….everything/everyone wants your attention, my office network had a data crash, I spent couple long days trying to restore files, yada yada yada….

Only a few recent files were lost, I was very lucky.

Don’t you hate to return from a vacation and jump back into reality?!!  😲  Hobbies always go to the wayside…..Enough of that!

A few days ago, my wonderful blogger friend, Laura at CreateArtEveryDay.com once again selected one of my close-up faces for her 100 Face Challenge she began in January.

Meet my Wood Stork taken in Florida a few weeks ago….

_DSC0005-1 22116


followed by Laura’s #55 Face Challenge Wood Stork artistic rendition!

030816 wood stork© Laura @ CreateArtEveryDay.com

Isn’t he lovely!  I can’t get over how awesome Laura can draw eyes, capturing the light, giving the subject life and personality.  Laura created this rendition using Neocolors.  On her blog, she explains what medium she uses on each drawing she creates, in addition to mixing it up on her blog with other works of art.  I love her flair, her inspiration to others, and her style of making you smile.  Check out her blog to add a smile to your day!

Thank you again, Laura, for inspiring me with a selection of one of my photos!  What an honor!



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