Spring is Singing and Springing

Returning home, it was super-nice to find Spring arriving around the Kent Narrows Chesapeake Bay area.  My four signs of Spring are robins, osprey, daffodils, and crocus.  I saw all four the very next morning on my way to the office.    🙂

_DSC0049-1 3-8-16

American Robin


_DSC0182-1 31016

American Robin


_DSC0084-1 3816



_DSC0067-1 3-8-16



_DSC0235-1 31116

Osprey on Rt. 50 Sign Overhang in middle of two 3-lane highways


_DSC0226-1 31116

Patiently waiting for his/her mate since 2/28/16 (sighted by blogger friend Tammy!)

I also found Marshy Creek full of ducks.  Lots and lots of ducks!

_DSC0001-1 3716

Ducks resting and eating in Marshy Creek


_DSC0012-1 3716

That’s a lot of ducks!
They were gone the next day probably migrating North.

And finally a welcome back from an American Eagle doing a fly-by.

_DSC0205-1 31016

American Bald Eagle


_DSC0209-1 31016

_DSC0210-1 31016

I hope Spring is singing and springing where you live!    🙂




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