Spring is Singing and Springing

Returning home, it was super-nice to find Spring arriving around the Kent Narrows Chesapeake Bay area.  My four signs of Spring are robins, osprey, daffodils, and crocus.  I saw all four the very next morning on my way to the office.    🙂

_DSC0049-1 3-8-16

American Robin


_DSC0182-1 31016

American Robin


_DSC0084-1 3816



_DSC0067-1 3-8-16



_DSC0235-1 31116

Osprey on Rt. 50 Sign Overhang in middle of two 3-lane highways


_DSC0226-1 31116

Patiently waiting for his/her mate since 2/28/16 (sighted by blogger friend Tammy!)

I also found Marshy Creek full of ducks.  Lots and lots of ducks!

_DSC0001-1 3716

Ducks resting and eating in Marshy Creek


_DSC0012-1 3716

That’s a lot of ducks!
They were gone the next day probably migrating North.

And finally a welcome back from an American Eagle doing a fly-by.

_DSC0205-1 31016

American Bald Eagle


_DSC0209-1 31016

_DSC0210-1 31016

I hope Spring is singing and springing where you live!    🙂




28 thoughts on “Spring is Singing and Springing

    • Thanks Sylvia! It was a lucky sighting to see all those ducks doing a stop-over for rest and food, they were gone the next morning, poof, just like that, continuing their journey home for the summer! 🙂

    • It just doesn’t seem possible to be in somewhere else in the U.S. and not see a robin during the summer, lol. We tend to think a real common bird for us is a common bird for others. Thanks, Roy, your comment was quite interesting! 🙂

  1. Beautiful Donna! Love your robin reflection also. How lovely spring is! We are having an extended summer, autumn seems to have been forgotten here with continuing heatwave conditions, the hottest and longest summer in recorded history. It is lovely that the signs of spring were all there for you, it is such an active time as creation replenishes itself:-)

    • Thanks, Ashley! I love spring and fall, with all the changes that beautify nature. So sorry you’re almost losing your fall with all the heat. Fall provides such splendid coloring. Hope things improve quickly for you! 🙂

      • It just started cooling a little and then it warmed up again, so it is somewhat confusing for some fauna and flora. We noticed cormorants going into another breeding season. Unlike the USA most of our trees are evergreen, and only introduced trees shed their leaves. Have a lovely spring week Donna!

  2. amo moltissimo la natura e le immagini con cui i tuoi occhi la guardano! in particolare il pettirosso americano, molto più grande e colorato che di quelli che ora sono nel mio giardino!
    Grzie infinite e buona giornata

    • Grazie mille per i tuoi commenti! Abbiamo molte Robins ora, e sono molto attivi. E ‘così piacevole vedere loro dopo inverni freddi, non è vero? !! Vi auguro una buona giornata!

  3. Lovely signs of spring, Donna! All of them, but particularly the O…. 😃 I will return home tomorrow night and will need to check what the signs of spring look like in the salt marsh.

  4. Such a lovely homecoming for you Donna! I love that you saw all four of your spring signs in one day. The osprey on the freeway sign is an impressive find. All your photos here are delightful, as usual, but I find that first bald eagle photo especially awesome.

    • Thanks so much, Jet! It was indeed special. The osprey over our six-lane highway are ‘famous’ locally, the first nest has been there for years. We had four last year. 🙂 And I love my eagles that just fly on by me on my balcony, it’s an exciting occasion each time!

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