More of My Florida Birds

I know I’ve become a ‘broken record’ expressing how much fun I had with Florida’s bird paradise.  I am still in awe as I review my photos of the constant photo ops that were readily available.  If you didn’t have your camera with you at all times, you would surely miss an opportunity.  I know I did, and I was literally bummed at those times.

Here’s a few more I wanted to share from last month.

[000311]-1 21516

Anhinga in flight


[000312]-1 21516



_DSC0483-1 21116

Mourning Dove


_DSC0398-1 21816

Bluegray Gnatcatcher


_DSC0396-1 21816

Bluegray Gnatcatcher – Hey cutie!


[000840]-1 21516

The pair of Sandhill Cranes returned to our campground which I was thrilled!


[000889]-1 21516

Sandhill Cranes


_DSC0062-1 21416

Little Blue Heron


_DSC0166-1 22216

Black-bellied Whistling Ducks


_DSC0121-1 2716

Caspian Tern


_DSC0023-1 21716

Crested Caracara Fly-By


_DSC0031-1 21716

Crested Caracara (I saw my first one as a new lifer at Okeechobee Water Treatment)



_DSC0424-1 21116

Gray Catbird


[000587]-1 21516

Great Egret


[000166]-1 21516

Tri-colored Heron


_DSC0379-1 21116

Northern Mockingbird


[000352]-1 21516

Common Gallinule


_DSC0066-1 2716

American Coot


_DSC0257-2 21816

Belted Kingfisher


_DSC0346-1 21816

Yellow-rumped Warbler


The following are three more “lifers” to my bird list.  In all on my Florida trip, I added 17 “lifers”.  It was exciting and shows I need to do more traveling to see new birds in other regions.   🙂

[000090]-1 21516

Palm Warbler (new lifer)


_DSC0412-1 21116

Prairie Warbler (new lifer)


_DSC0114-1 2716

Black Skimmers (new lifer)


_DSC0101-1 2716

Black Skimmer

I hope your weekend’s going well.
Be happy!


31 thoughts on “More of My Florida Birds

    • That little kingfisher was a daily photo op in the campground’s wildlife preserve in one of two trees. So predictable, I loved it! There were campers who couldn’t figure out what I was photographing, until I pointed him out. It’s all about looking, right?!! You are going to have a grand time in Florida with the birds!

  1. Congratulations for your new “lifers”. You’re doing pretty well with your photography Donna! 🙂

  2. Lovely captures of our birds, Donna! I have not been lucky enough to see a Crested Caracara. Happy you got so many “lifers” while here!

    • You do have some wonderful birds, Helen! It certainly was an exciting trip for me…..hubby I know got tired of birds birds birds, but he was a trooper letting me have fun. 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Deborah! I had never even seen/heard of a Caracara before Florida. Those types of finds then become extra-special for our files and list! I’ve almost finished up reviewing the last of my Florida photos and still have a couple series to share. 😉

      • Oh good! I’m looking forward to seeing the images and reading the stories you share about the sighting.

        That Caracara is a special sighting, and you got one in flight too! According to my Stokes book they only live in small sections of TX, and FL in the US. I’m so excited for you to have seen it!

        • Wowza, I feel extra proud of myself to have captured the Caracara now! Thanks thanks thanks for sharing this with me, Deborah. To know I happen to see one twice in a couple weeks about 15 miles apart is even cooler! I’m stoked!! 🙂

    • Thanks, Jerry, it was a healthy, feel-good trip that we both needed after our past year’s ups and downs. Thank goodness my hubby is a real trooper with me and my camera & birds! He thinks he’s not a birder per se, but I’m slowly drawing him in. 🙂

  3. Amazing flights you captured dear Donna, fascinated me. And the read head of cranes, so beautiful, I haven’t known them before, they are not coming here 🙂 Thank you, wonderful bird photographs, Love, nia

    • I’ve seen videos of their dancing, I would have loved to have witnessed it personally! The Cranes quickly became a favorite of mine, I was so happy to finally see and capture them! Do you see the heart on the crown when one bends down to the ground? 😉

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