More of My Florida Birds

I know I’ve become a ‘broken record’ expressing how much fun I had with Florida’s bird paradise.  I am still in awe as I review my photos of the constant photo ops that were readily available.  If you didn’t have your camera with you at all times, you would surely miss an opportunity.  I know I did, and I was literally bummed at those times.

Here’s a few more I wanted to share from last month.

[000311]-1 21516

Anhinga in flight


[000312]-1 21516



_DSC0483-1 21116

Mourning Dove


_DSC0398-1 21816

Bluegray Gnatcatcher


_DSC0396-1 21816

Bluegray Gnatcatcher – Hey cutie!


[000840]-1 21516

The pair of Sandhill Cranes returned to our campground which I was thrilled!


[000889]-1 21516

Sandhill Cranes


_DSC0062-1 21416

Little Blue Heron


_DSC0166-1 22216

Black-bellied Whistling Ducks


_DSC0121-1 2716

Caspian Tern


_DSC0023-1 21716

Crested Caracara Fly-By


_DSC0031-1 21716

Crested Caracara (I saw my first one as a new lifer at Okeechobee Water Treatment)



_DSC0424-1 21116

Gray Catbird


[000587]-1 21516

Great Egret


[000166]-1 21516

Tri-colored Heron


_DSC0379-1 21116

Northern Mockingbird


[000352]-1 21516

Common Gallinule


_DSC0066-1 2716

American Coot


_DSC0257-2 21816

Belted Kingfisher


_DSC0346-1 21816

Yellow-rumped Warbler


The following are three more “lifers” to my bird list.  In all on my Florida trip, I added 17 “lifers”.  It was exciting and shows I need to do more traveling to see new birds in other regions.   🙂

[000090]-1 21516

Palm Warbler (new lifer)


_DSC0412-1 21116

Prairie Warbler (new lifer)


_DSC0114-1 2716

Black Skimmers (new lifer)


_DSC0101-1 2716

Black Skimmer

I hope your weekend’s going well.
Be happy!


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