Osprey Nests on Rt 50 Grasonville

For the past several years, I have posted photos and info on our local famous Osprey that occupy nests along the Rt. 50 corridor here in Grasonville, Maryland.  It started, of course, with one pair and one nest.  Last year, there were four pairs and four nests.

The Rt. 50 corridor is six lanes wide.  The first nest that was built years ago is smack dab in the middle of this fast-pace traffic area where thousands of vehicles pass through daily.  Summer time on the weekends, it’s probably ten-fold!  I can attest watching the young fledge above all that traffic each season is also nerve-wracking.

The first Osprey to arrive back this season was to the primary first nest.  From my past photos, it looks to be the female; she arrived February 28th thanks to the sighting by  my local blog follower, Tammy, much earlier than I’ve ever documented.  Seems this Osprey wanted to ensure home was hers and not anyone elses!

_DSC0061-1 31616

Between this Osprey and to the right, underneath is a three-lane highway.

Here’s the traffic whizzing by both directions while our Osprey keeps tabs on her home.

_DSC0142-1 31616

_DSC0152-1 31616.jpg

So far, I have not seen the mate arrive.  🙁

So this Osprey patiently watches…..

_DSC0162-1 31616

And patiently sits……

_DSC0083-1 31616

Waiting for the return of her mate.

UPDATE:   The mate to the above nest has returned!  I saw the mate the morning of March 23 resting on the nest, looking a bit haggard from the long trip back.  I’ll try to get photos soon.  🙂

I’ve seen one additional Osprey returned to one of the other four nests at Exit 45B but haven’t caught the Osprey with my camera.  The following is from last year of this next location.

_DSC0242-1 61515

It’s exciting to see the season begin for the Rt. 50 Osprey families where so many of us see them on a daily basis as we run up and down the highway.  Let’s hope more were successful in their migration over the winter and return for our enjoyment!


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