Ring-necked Ducks

As others do, I have a few locations I venture to on occasion, just to see “who might be there today”.   One such place is a man-made construction ‘drainage pond’ behind Walmarts in Middletown, Delaware.

I can see this small pond from a distance on my way to my office, but close enough to spot any visitors.  I noticed a flock of ducks there last week, they looked like Scaup.  Ok, cool I thought, making note to brain to take camera next day as I hurried to the office.

The next day with my camera along for the ride, I was happy to find them there again.  I drove to the back of Walmarts, snuck out of my car, hunkered down, and made my way to the pine trees that lined the pond for camouflage.

Although I was well-hidden and in dark clothing, I could tell the ducks knew I was there.  Darn, I even made sure to shut my car door quietly without making a noise!

But wait a minute.  These were not Scaup as I had thought yesterday.  What I had found was a small flock, about a couple dozen, of Ring-necked Ducks.  A new lifer for me, and of all places, found right behind a Walmarts!

Of all the diving duck species, the Ring-necked Duck is the one most likely to drop into small ponds as they migrate North for the summer. Lucky for me this day!

_DSC0189-3 31616

_DSC0187-1 31616

I had to crop tight on the next photo but I wanted to share the artistic beauty of the Ring-necked Duck’s beak.

_DSC0191-1 31616

I photographed through the branches, but I’m afraid the shutter noise gave them the ultimate fright and most of them turned around and took flight.

_DSC0201-1 31616

_DSC0202-1 31616

A few hung back, but I returned to my car and left in hopes the ones in flight would return.  The next day they were there again.  And I also found another photographer out of her car with her long lens doing just as I had done.  Seems someone else also knows how special this little pond can be with birds ops.   🙂

Enjoy your day!  Be happy!



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