Great Blue Herons

I was fortunate to be close enough to a Great Blue Heron in Florida to get a nice close-up.  Seems this one has a couple ‘battle scars’.

_DSC0035-2 22116

At the height of 3-4 feet, wingspan of 5-6 feet, and weighing less than six pounds, it’s amazing to watch all that lankiness of the Great Blue Heron come together into a graceful landing most every time.  This one I captured in Florida landing in a tree made it seem so easy!

[000513]-1 21516

[000525]-1 21516

They are equally graceful in flight.

[000605]-1 21516

I am lucky to enjoy Great Blue Herons year-round along the Chesapeake Bay.  A few days ago, I captured this one on a graceful take-off.

_DSC0027-1 31616

_DSC0031-1 31616

_DSC0032-1 31616

The next one was just off the right of my balcony, down at the riprap.  A delight for me on that chilly, dreary day.

_DSC0034-1 32016

I did say how graceful the Great Blue Heron’s landings can be, but on occasion….well….they are just a bit off….. and provide us a chuckle.

dsc0175-2 1-16-12

Hey, we all have one of those days!

Enjoy your day!  Be happy!


40 thoughts on “Great Blue Herons

  1. LOL! I’ve seen both sides too, and mostly they’re spot on graceful, and stick the landing every time. But since I’ve watched them ever so still, and patient waiting for their prey, THEN with deadly aim nail their prey for hours and hours over the years I have come to respect their skill and deadliness, and give them a wide berth. I think they could easily take me out…which I’m not so comfortable with!

    I love the warm light, and timing of your images. Your skill as a birding photographer is amazing! I want to have your timing when I grow up! 🙂

    • I know what you mean! GBH’s have an intense stare, making you think they’re giving you warning to not come so close, or else! lol When they are still, and they can be still it seems like hours, they are an easy subject to photograph. Over the last few years, they are one of the birds that has taught me great patience. Something I needed in my hectic life, lol. 🙂

  2. Oh yes….I have had those “one foot” days and now I have an image to go with it!! These are amazing birds. Thanks for sharing the captures of them. hugs

    • GBHs are one of my favorite birds also. 🙂 Nice to hear from you recently, Jane, I’ve been missing your blog, hope to see some of your wonderful photos soon! Have a Happy Easter weekend also.

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