Great Blue Herons

I was fortunate to be close enough to a Great Blue Heron in Florida to get a nice close-up.  Seems this one has a couple ‘battle scars’.

_DSC0035-2 22116

At the height of 3-4 feet, wingspan of 5-6 feet, and weighing less than six pounds, it’s amazing to watch all that lankiness of the Great Blue Heron come together into a graceful landing most every time.  This one I captured in Florida landing in a tree made it seem so easy!

[000513]-1 21516

[000525]-1 21516

They are equally graceful in flight.

[000605]-1 21516

I am lucky to enjoy Great Blue Herons year-round along the Chesapeake Bay.  A few days ago, I captured this one on a graceful take-off.

_DSC0027-1 31616

_DSC0031-1 31616

_DSC0032-1 31616

The next one was just off the right of my balcony, down at the riprap.  A delight for me on that chilly, dreary day.

_DSC0034-1 32016

I did say how graceful the Great Blue Heron’s landings can be, but on occasion….well….they are just a bit off….. and provide us a chuckle.

dsc0175-2 1-16-12

Hey, we all have one of those days!

Enjoy your day!  Be happy!


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