Great Egret Take-Off

While in Florida, I had a gorgeous Great Egret land directly in front of me while I was sitting in my golf cart (bird-mobile as my hubby calls it) watching and photographing other birds in the trees.

I guess this Great Egret wanted to be sure I took his photo as well!

I stayed seated in my cart and turned my lens on him as he slowly strutted back and forth in front of me for about two minutes, pretending as if he didn’t see me.

_DSC0025-1 21616

_DSC0053-3 21616

Then just as suddenly, he said, “I’m outta here!”

_DSC0059-3 21616

_DSC0060-2 21616

_DSC0065-1 21616

_DSC0067-2 21616

_DSC0068-1 21616

And then he was gone.  That was one quick photo session!

Now this is interesting, why would he land right in front of me in this bold & bright cart?

DSC_6915-1 21616

Donna’s “Bird-Mobile”

Remember I’ve mentioned I’d been riding around in my golf cart in the campground taking all those photos I’ve been posting.  You’d surely think all those Florida birds wouldn’t come even close to me and all those bright colors on my cart, wouldn’t you?    I’m thinking, like them all, this Great Egret had a thing for Jimmy Buffet.   🙂

Be yourself, be pleasant, play hard and have no regrets.
–  Quote by Jimmy Buffet

Enjoy your weekend!  I won’t be able to post again until next week, so I wish those that celebrate, a very Happy Easter.  Be safe on the roads if you’re traveling!




41 thoughts on “Great Egret Take-Off

  1. Beautiful bird! I think the eye patch is in amazing contrast to the snowy white. You had many amazing photo ops in Florida – I think of the Buffet-mobile as your magic carpet! Hugs

    • Thanks, Beth! I did have and much enjoyed the birds in Florida, I think I was there at an excellent time of the year. I had to laugh when you said magic carpet. We have a boat that is named “Magic Carpet Ride”, so yea, my Buffet-mobile fits that name as well! hee hee Hugs back at ya!

  2. Perhaps folks have been ‘feeding’ the birds from those golf carts? Or not. They do tend to get habituated. Our GBHs here at home are skittish little devils, but then kayaking on a lake in the Cascades we encountered some that simply posed for me. Strange, isn’t it?
    Hope you had a great week whatever kept you from posting!

    • I think the birds at the campground are somewhat used to people walking and carting around. The campground also had a large roped-off wildlife preserve where many hung out, safely away from humans. There are strict rules to not feed the wildlife and birds and I didn’t see anyone doing it. In fact, it appeared I was the only person interested in the birds and photographing them. People kept asking, what are you doing, what do you see. lol Wildlife seems to tolerate us when we’re ‘in’ something but don’t dare step foot off/out onto the ground, they do then get skittish then. Had a busy weekend but I missed my internet and blogs! I’ll catch up I hope, lol. Hope you had a great weekend! 🙂

  3. That bird-mobile did an excellent job in attracting birds for photo sessions 🙂 I can almost hear his wings looking at this series!

  4. Birding groups always tell birders to wear bland colors that blend into nature, and your golf cart just blew all that out the window. Really excellent photos and fun story, Donna.

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