Two Artistic Renditions of My Great Blue Heron

I have again been privileged to have one of my photographs recreated artistically by Sharon Mann of Sharon Mann Illustrations.  She previously drew and painted one of my Sandhill Cranes.  This time she created two renderings of a Great Blue Heron I had photographed landing on a tree, one done as a collage and one as a watercolor & posterization in Photoshop.

My photo from a previous post:

[000513]-1 21516

Sharon’s first rendition, recreated as a paper collage:

GBH 01 SMann

Sharon’s second rendition recreated as a watercolor and posterization in Photoshop:

GBH 02 SMann

© Sharon Mann

If you visit Sharon’s blog here, you can get further information on how she did these whimsically fantastic designs.  Thanks again, Sharon, for loving one of my photos enough to want to recreate!  🙂

To all, so sorry for my absence, it’s been hard to find ‘free’ time to blog and visit, I apologize!

And…..Have A Great Day, Be Happy!


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