The Great Chipmunk Escape

This past November, I loved watching the little Eastern Chipmunks that scurried around, in and out of the bushes at Lake Greenwood.  Trying to photograph them in focus was a different story.

I finally lucked out and caught an early sighting of this next one on an RV site pad, giving me time to aim and focus with my telephoto lens.

My header photo above was him and I first making eye contact.  🙂

And then he took off!







And then he was gone!  Now that was one great Chipmunk escape!


33 thoughts on “The Great Chipmunk Escape

  1. And they are called “Lesser Chipmunks.” Ha! Nice frozen action shots in the air. in the east at the cottage they were quite tame, but here in Alberta they are pretty shy, but they will follow you as you walk down the trail.

    • Thanks Jane! I shot off a series where he landed then went air-born, but didn’t want to overload the post; the ‘flying’ shots were more fun. 🙂 So cute, to have them follow you down the trail!

      • They are hidden, except I can hear the russle of the leaves. and when I suddenly stop I can get a glimpse of them frozen in mid-stride, both of us staring at each other.Quite amusing!

  2. Beautiful little creatures, and a lot like the ground squirrels out west. We had them in Northern Virginia but I don’t see them here on Kent Island – not sure why. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks Deborah! I had worked on those chipmunks for many days, and I had my determination cap on that some how I was going to get one of those fellas running AND in focus. To catch him flying and diving, I was tickled! 🙂

  3. What an adorable chipmunk! I love the last picture of it frolicking away 🙂 Amazing captures!! Happy New Year 🙂

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